Visited Granny

In the past few weeks the boys and I together with my sister had visited our grandma, my boys’ great grandmother. She has been in and out of the hospital because of diabetes and perhaps of old age.  Her  is spirit is strong but her body is weak. All day, she’s only setting down and cannot walk by herself anymore.

 photo 529860_415659001786300_1756754122_n.jpg

My sister suggested that we get her a knee scooter. After reading several knee scooter reviews, my sister and I decided to buy one for our granny. This will surely give here the freedom to  mobile herself. As she lives country side, she loves going out to breath some fresh air and catching up with the neighbors, relative and friends. Now We will be saving for this and hopefully this pay day it will be delivered to my granny’s house.

It was really nice seeing granny after 3 years.

A Safe and Effective Cockroach Killer

It seems that getting rid of cockroaches at home (particularly in our kitchen) is a serious battle given that we have toddlers. I have been using spray and a trap to get them out of our household but after a week or two, I would see them crawling in the kitchen again and again.

As I was burn up with this pesky nuisance, I then went to a hardware to find a better cockroach killer. A sales lady offered me Combat Source Kill Max which comes in a form of gel bait traps. It was (according to the sales lady) safe and effective to use. I was at first hesitant to buy it because it was a bit expensive, but then after a few more sales talk, I end up paying for it.

combat cockroach killer

As soon as I got home, I set the traps all over our kitchen; under the sink, at the back of the fridge, cabinet corners and hinges. I was very hopeful that it would rid them out. The following day, we found the roaches dead. Same scenario on third, fourth and fifth day.     It’s four weeks since we use Combat at home and I barely see cockroach in our kitchen. Looks like Combat Source Kill Max is the answer to our roach problem.

The sales lady was right, it was safe and effective especially if you have children at home. It          is also easy to use, you just have to set the bait all over your household. It is best to apply them in concealed and dark areas where most infestation occurs. The only drawback is it’s expensive, 30gm of Combat Source Kill Max costs PhP 399.00 but they will last long up to 3 months.


My Classical Side

I was digging a storage box last weekend when I suddenly found an old flute note. It then transported me to my teenage days; the time when I use to play a bamboo flute.

It started when I heard a childhood friend playing flute. She was really good. If she wasn’t, I bet she’ll never be an orchestra member who plays flute and occasionally plays slide whistle.

I wasn’t a fan of Mozart’s Magic Flute at that time, I don’t even heard it either, but I remember being amazed at the serenity of classical sound it makes. It did stir up my interest and eventually learned a few pieces as an amateur player. I then become a big fan of classical orchestra music particularly Globus and Immediate Music. I would be very happy to see them perform live.

Stanley is Here!

Look whose with Thomas!
Our Zoe was very happy to have meet Stanley and be part of his Thomas and Friends growing collection.

 photo 8840d2cf-8b42-4efb-84c5-059b89978946.jpg

It’s is currently his favorite after having Thomas around in most playtime.

 photo 81492564-26cf-4692-ab5c-9c818cb745b4.jpg

Thanks much Daddy!

Missing My Personal Handy Man

This morning I woke up with a dripping faucet in the kitchen. That obviously needs a quick repair to avoid water wastage. This is yet again one of those times that I wish my personal handy man; my dearest husband is here.

His absence prompted me to learn the faucet fixing myself. It wasn’t easy though. Thanks to Mr. G and for the toolbox kit that has been lurking in the storage. Times like this, I can see the importance of having a simple hand tools at home. It saves time and it makes the work a lot easier. You can check for tooling components just in case you might want to equip your home with power tools.

I think I am learning the ropes of a handy man. Blame it to hubby. But more than his handy man task, I still wish my personal handy man is here with us.

Daddy’s Home

Although he is in town due to my brother in law’s passing, me and the little boys are so so glad. The boys has their favorite and great playmate again even for few days only. Times like this I wish I could freeze the time so we could be with daddy Z for long. Seeing them jolly and hearing their giggles while playing with their best playmates melts my heart.

Welcome Home Daddy!

Thomas and Friends Starter Set

Our son Zoe is head over heals over Thomas and Friends. No wonder when his dad bought him Thomas starter set, he was jumping for joy.

thomas and friend starter kit

I can’t forget those words “oh my gosh daddy! Thank You! I bab you! (I love you!)” the moment he saw the toy.

 photo 53458ef8-29b1-4d43-9ba9-1a3c803504f7.jpg

He was very happy having another Thomas in his toy box. Thank You soo much Daddy!

 photo 31f06d80-2e55-4ff7-8276-0eb74234f871.jpg