Missing My Personal Handy Man

This morning I woke up with a dripping faucet in the kitchen. That obviously needs a quick repair to avoid water wastage. This is yet again one of those times that I wish my personal handy man; my dearest husband is here.

His absence prompted me to learn the faucet fixing myself. It wasn’t easy though. Thanks to Mr. G and for the toolbox kit that has been lurking in the storage. Times like this, I can see the importance of having a simple hand tools at home. It saves time and it makes the work a lot easier. You can checkĀ reidsupply.com for tooling components just in case you might want to equip your home with power tools.

I think I am learning the ropes of a handy man. Blame it to hubby. But more than his handy man task, I still wish my personal handy man is here with us.

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