A Safe and Effective Cockroach Killer

It seems that getting rid of cockroaches at home (particularly in our kitchen) is a serious battle given that we have toddlers. I have been using spray and a trap to get them out of our household but after a week or two, I would see them crawling in the kitchen again and again.

As I was burn up with this pesky nuisance, I then went to a hardware to find a better cockroach killer. A sales lady offered me Combat Source Kill Max which comes in a form of gel bait traps. It was (according to the sales lady) safe and effective to use. I was at first hesitant to buy it because it was a bit expensive, but then after a few more sales talk, I end up paying for it.

combat cockroach killer

As soon as I got home, I set the traps all over our kitchen; under the sink, at the back of the fridge, cabinet corners and hinges. I was very hopeful that it would rid them out. The following day, we found the roaches dead. Same scenario on third, fourth and fifth day.     It’s four weeks since we use Combat at home and I barely see cockroach in our kitchen. Looks like Combat Source Kill Max is the answer to our roach problem.

The sales lady was right, it was safe and effective especially if you have children at home. It          is also easy to use, you just have to set the bait all over your household. It is best to apply them in concealed and dark areas where most infestation occurs. The only drawback is it’s expensive, 30gm of Combat Source Kill Max costs PhP 399.00 but they will last long up to 3 months.


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  1. Wow Elaine! I’m glad our Combat ant gel worked out for you! That’s a great place for putting gel and it proved to be effective. We also have Combat Liquid Ant Baits. It mimics ants’ natural food sources, so ants ingest more bait when feeding on this liquid bait. You can use it to prevent the ants from coming back. What Combat product did you use?

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