Finding the Right Used Car

It is nice to buy a new car, but many choose to buy a used car over a new one. One main reason for this is the reduction in value of a car as soon as it is driven off the lot with a new owner.  When a person buys a used car, the loss of value from new to used has already occurred, and a used car can maintain its value much better. Another reason some people prefer to buy used is that they feel that any potential bugs have been found and fixed. Finding the right used car can be as simple as clicking the “click here” link next to a listing for a used car.

The Warranty Factor in Used Car Shopping

The one reservation some people have about shopping for a used car is the unknown. When buying a new car, there is the safety net of the warranty. This gives a buyer confidence. When buying used, especially from an owner, the safety net is gone. One way to bridge this gap is to buy a used car from a car lot rather than an individual. Oftentimes, a car lot will warranty a used car on a limited basis. That gives the buyer more confidence in making a purchase.

How to Shop for Used Cars

With the understanding that shopping for a used car on a car lot may bring some measure of safety net, there are still some basics that anyone shopping anywhere for a used car should know. First, check the mileage of the car. Cars are made to go much further today than in the past, but it is still important to know the mileage to make comparisons between cars that you are looking at. Second, check the entire car for any signs of unresolved damage as the result of an accident. This may mean that you need to get on your back and look under the car. Third, take along a trusted mechanic or ask to take a test drive to your mechanic’s shop. They can then check further for you. Lastly, find the “click here” link on the Internet that will lead to title and car facts info to see if there are any concerns there. This should help you make a sound buying decision on the car.

Fun and Inspiring Event | SuperBook Kicks-Off “Bida ng Pagbabago” Road Show

The Batang SuperBook “Bida ng Pagbabago Road Show” at Robinsons Magnolia was fun and inspiring. Thank you to Ms. Len Trance-Tienzo of CBN Asia for inviting my family and to my fellow mom blogger friend Olga of Tottering Mama for the vouch. My son Zoe enjoyed it. He was so excited when he saw the SuperBook trailer flashing on the screen that he immediately went ahead and left me at the registration booth.

The event wasn’t only for the little ones but for parents as well. I was so blessed having witnessed the event. This is a great encouragement to us parents to introduce Jesus to our kids, learn the bible and build a relationship with Jesus. Batang SuperBook aims to raise godly and responsible citizens of tomorrow by imparting life-changing truths from the Bible to the Filipinos to which, I give my support.


The event was graced by super mom and SuperBook Agent Betina Carlos along with SuperBook agents China Halili and Benjamin Alves. Ruther who is a certified  Batang SuperBook and his funny and naughty puppet Titoy had also amused the audience.



My 2 years old son had paid attention to the Giant Adventure, which was shown on the big screen. The 30 minutes film showing was about the little David; how he stands for his faith in God and defeated the giant Palestine Goliath.

 photo DSC_5951.jpg

 photo 1016751_649590338404511_1434700390_n.jpg

 photo DSC_5954.jpg

Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without Gizmo! Zoe can’t wait for his turn to meet Gizmo up close. Unfortunately, Angie wasn’t able to capture a descent photo of us with Gizmo. I hope SuperBook will upload all the pictures in their fan page so I can have a copy.


Saturdays are something  we look forward to. Not just it’s bonding time with the kids but we also get to watch another episode of SuperBook. Yes we are one of those families who wakes up early to catch SuperBook. SuperBook is aired every Saturday at 7:30 am on GMA 7.

Your kids can catch Gizmo at Robinsons Place Imus on July 28 and at Robinsons Manila on August 4. For more information, visit their website and like their page

On Starting a Business and Marketing

Don’t you want to have your own business and work on a flexible time, withdrawing yourself from an 8 hour job a week? Oh yes, I would definitely love it, in fact my husband and I are dreaming of having our own business but we do not have enough funds yet to kick off our dream biz. However, we manage to start up a small scale business last year, it may not be our dream biz but it’s something that I like doing.

I knew first hand that running a business, small or big is not easy, especially if you do not have entrepreneurial skills or background. Marketing strategy and it’s cost was one of our struggles. We know that it is through marketing that you’ll be able to reach your target customers and how I we could afford to advertise or at least even the wholesale yard signs I’ve seen in the web. I guess in a few months we will have a budget for that with hopes to reach target audience and increase our customers.

We are not yet there on our biz goal but I am crossing my fingers that we will get there in due time by faith.

Morning Rush and Accident

I was about to alight from the tricycle to catch the UV express going to work, when it accidentally hit the tricycle in front of us. As I was preparing to alight, I hold on to a steel grab bar to which my face slammed. I was desisted for a while then suddenly felt pain in the upper part of my right cheek bones. I glance at the mirror then saw the minor cut in between my eyes and cheek and slightly feel vibration on my right head. I was bawling out at the driver for being so careless, but he bawled back so I just went ahead to catch the UV express.

I felt a slight pain at the right side of my head and on my cheek bone. I was still quivering and frazzled and undecided whether to go straight to a nearby clinic or head to the office. Thinking that it was a very minor injury I head and reached the office safely. As I engaged myself for the days’ task, the affected part started swelling. It doubles the size of my eye bag and the skin color changes to dark and becomes bigger and darker as the day pass.

 photo 1635994b-3937-4c14-8a00-81bf1acdecd7.jpg

It was my first time to be involve in a road accident. Though it was minor, it terrifies me. May I remind those who operates public transport and everyone who drives to please please be careful on the road to avoid horrible accidents. And this reminds me to always ask for His guidance wherever I go.

Be careful everyone!

My Kids in Music Class? Why not?

Whenever summer comes, the most I heard from moms is how to keep their children busy and at the same time learning even if classes are off. Most will have their kids attend a summer class of which art class, ballet and taekwondo are very common.

A few years from now, I will also be sending my boys to a summer class, and I thought sending them to music class at an early age will stir and develop music intelligence. I can only imagine raising musicians, and a home full of symphony and rhythm sure it’ll be blended into harmonious home.

When you say music class, the things that come into my mind are guitar, piano and voice class. I think these three are the most enrolled music classes. I’d also love it if my boys will be interested in those classes and become a guitarist or a pianist and perhaps a singer. But I wonder if they’ll also be interested in percussion class. I have seen a group of kids percussionist and they were awesome. It made me want to get in percussion at musicians friend but I guess I’m too old for that so I’ll just leave it for my kids. However, I wouldn’t manipulate them. As much as I wanted them to get a head-start musically, I’ll leave the decision to my kids and let them choose as to what class they want to be in.


They Look Good On Canvass

I used to capture landscapes but having two adorable boys to mind, I ended up capturing their portrait instead. I miss seeing those beautiful escapes through my lens, framing it in my view finder and then firing the shutter to finally capture it.

Tripping down to my old landscape photos made me wanting to go out for a landscape shoot. This however gave me a thought of having them printed on a canvass and hang them up on our walls. They’ll definitely look good when framed rather than burying them inside my hard drives. Good thing online local printing is very much affordable these days so I might have them printed to adorn our plain boring walls.

Here is a snap of Kuala Lumpur’s famous skyline and Singapore’s Esplanade. Photos were previously uploaded in my photoblog.

petronas tower


My Star Baby

Okay Zian didn’t make it to the top 20 finalists in Baby Company’s Star Baby Search but he will always be my star baby and of course kuya Zoe too.

The entries where overwhelming and they only chose 10 from Metro Manila entries and 5 each from Visayas and Mindanao entries. Anyways, I still am thankful for the opportunity that the Baby Company bestowed us and I congratulate all the 20 finalists.You can vote for your favorite baby here.

And here is my baby Zian’s official entry.

star baby

Conquering Clutter

Last week marked my sixth month of juggling work and mommy duties plus on top of that I have a home to be manned. As you know, I have toddlers at home who are a good clutter operator. While I keep cleaning for hours, they’ll mess up our abode in just a minute. However I am getting things organized and neat. I hate it when I dig closets or cabinets just because I couldn’t find what I am looking. Good thing we have installed shelves from the best selection of pull out shelves to maximize storage spaces.

Stashing things out and conquering clutter project had me great organizing ideas that are helpful and will surely organize your home. Here’s sharing some decluttering ideas.

  • Sort things out and get rid of unused stuff (clothes, shoes) hibernating in your closet. I have been donating some of it and I had few more.
  • Maximize walls. Install shelves and use it as decorative storage. You can also place decorative basket storage on shelves for aesthetics.
  • Organize your storage by categorizing items. You may use boxes and have them labeled.
  • If you have toddlers who has tons of toys, it would be helpful to label toy boxes, separating cars from robots.
  • Store baby books in a book shelf and magazines in a decorative rack.
  • Store paper bills and receipts in a box.
  • Get in the habit of stashing chargers after using. Have a separate storage for easy access.
  • Organize food by categorizing them, like putting together cookies and biscuit and separating beverages.
  •  Keep spices in a rack and label them.
  • Familiarize your linens and have a separate storage for it. Put the ones that you frequently use in front for easy access.

And more to come stay tuned.


Newborn Portraits

I am fond of capturing great moments of my children. It’s my way of archiving everything about them so that when I wanted to go down memory lane after a long years have flown, I can remember everything as if it just happened yesterday. I can also tell my kids their story through those pictures.

Last month I just printed out some portraits of my eldest and this week, I’ll be printing new born portraits of our youngest Zian. I did not like the output of the last set I printed so I am currently searching for a better printing service. I have visited few printing shop website but still looking for more option.

Here are a few portraits (previously uploaded in my photoblog with watermark) that are waiting to be printed. Zian is only 2 weeks old in this picture. I took this at home, after setting up my diy studio using only natural light and 1.8F, 50mm lens.

 photo 1-2.jpg

 photo 3-5.jpg

Meet and Greet Barney!

 photo images-2.jpg
If your kid is a Barney Fanatic, you gotta mark your calendar now! Megaworld Lifestyle Malls brings Barney to perform live this coming July 20 and 21! On July 20 the purple dinosaur will be at Eastwood Mall at 1:30 pm. You can also catch him at the Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City, 6:30 pm, or at Lucky Chinatown on July 21 at 1:30 pm and at Resorts World Manila at 6:30 pm. Call (02)709-9888, (02)709-0888 for more information.