Dentistry Tips You Should Follow

Keeping your teeth healthy is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Having healthy teeth can improve health in other areas, and making sure that you do things that keep your teeth and gums in good shape can also help improve your overall health. This is why it is important to pay attention to what your local Drake dentistry experts have to advise. Having a healthy mouth means daily attention to your oral health habits.


Brushing properly is important. Brushing might seem fairly simple, but there are proper ways of doing it. First you want to make sure that you are using a good toothbrush that is not too old. Try to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head if you are using an electric toothbrush, every couple of months. This will ensure that the bristles are in good condition and that there is not a buildup of bacteria on the brush. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and try to remember the rule of two. Brush at least two times a day for two minutes each.


Flossing is another important part of your oral health routine. Many people skip this step, but it is probably more important than brushing. Flossing cleans between your teeth where the brush cannot go. This is usually where cavities develop as well. Flossing daily before your brush can significantly reduce your risk for both gum disease and tooth decay. Be sure to get the floss up under the gum line.


Your lifestyle also affects your oral health. This is where taking care of your teeth can help improve your overall health. Having a healthy and balanced diet will help to prevent tooth decay. Eating a lot of sugars and carbohydrates can increase the quantity of cavity casing bacteria and put you at greater risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Eating your fruits and vegetables will help protect your teeth. Try to avoid soda in particular and other sugary drinks. The use of harmful substances like tobacco and large amounts of coffee and alcohol can also damage your teeth, as well as be harmful to your overall health. Be sure to consult with a Drake dentistry expert in order to create a proper oral health routine.




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  1. Foods that cling to your teeth promote tooth decay. So when you snack, avoid soft, sweet, sticky foods such as cakes, candy and dried fruits. Instead, choose dentally healthy foods such as nuts, raw vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese and sugarless gum or candy.

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