Getting Your Work Displayed at an Art Gallery

The dream of every artist is to have their work displayed for everyone to see. Being able to share your art and your passion can make any artist feel fulfilled and satisfied. While you could always just hang your paintings on the outside of your house, the better way to display your art is at an art gallery in Chattanooga. Having your art displayed in such a classy and respectful way will really help you feel like the artist that you have always wanted to be. If you find, though, that you have having trouble getting your art into an art gallery, there are a few tips that you can follow to better your chances.

Get the Word Out

Spread the word. Talk to as many people as you can and network as much as possible. There are online event calendars, art galleries, and websites that relate to your work that you can visit or post onto to spread the word that you are interested in being part of an art gallery. You can also use the social networking pages, newspapers and blogs, and even go to places where other artists tent to gather. Carry your art around in case you get the chance to show it to someone who has power in the art gallery world. Get to know as many people as you can who are involved in the art community, especially those who deal with your type of art.


A sure way to get involved with those in the art world is to become an intern. You will be exposed to the daily workings of a true artist and really get a feel for what you will need to do. You can intern with a single artist, or you can intern or volunteer at local non-profit organizations, art galleries, or museums. Getting your foot in the door with the managers of these organizations will really give you a heads-up in the art world. Getting your work into an art gallery in Chattanooga will become a reality as you get more involved with other artists in the art community.

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