Newborn Portraits

I am fond of capturing great moments of my children. It’s my way of archiving everything about them so that when I wanted to go down memory lane after a long years have flown, I can remember everything as if it just happened yesterday. I can also tell my kids their story through those pictures.

Last month I just printed out some portraits of my eldest and this week, I’ll be┬áprinting new born portraits of our youngest Zian. I did not like the output of the last set I printed so I am currently searching for a better printing service. I have visited few printing shop website but still looking for more option.

Here are a few portraits (previously uploaded in my photoblog with watermark) that are waiting to be printed. Zian is only 2 weeks old in this picture. I took this at home, after setting up my diy studio using only natural light and 1.8F, 50mm lens.

 photo 1-2.jpg

 photo 3-5.jpg

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