Conquering Clutter

Last week marked my sixth month of juggling work and mommy duties plus on top of that I have a home to be manned. As you know, I have toddlers at home who are a good clutter operator. While I keep cleaning for hours, they’ll mess up our abode in just a minute. However I am getting things organized and neat. I hate it when I dig closets or cabinets just because I couldn’t find what I am looking. Good thing we have installed shelves from the best selection of pull out shelves to maximize storage spaces.

Stashing things out and conquering clutter project had me great organizing ideas that are helpful and will surely organize your home. Here’s sharing some decluttering ideas.

  • Sort things out and get rid of unused stuff (clothes, shoes) hibernating in your closet. I have been donating some of it and I had few more.
  • Maximize walls. Install shelves and use it as decorative storage. You can also place decorative basket storage on shelves for aesthetics.
  • Organize your storage by categorizing items. You may use boxes and have them labeled.
  • If you have toddlers who has tons of toys, it would be helpful to label toy boxes, separating cars from robots.
  • Store baby books in a book shelf and magazines in a decorative rack.
  • Store paper bills and receipts in a box.
  • Get in the habit of stashing chargers after using. Have a separate storage for easy access.
  • Organize food by categorizing them, like putting together cookies and biscuit and separating beverages.
  •  Keep spices in a rack and label them.
  • Familiarize your linens and have a separate storage for it. Put the ones that you frequently use in front for easy access.

And more to come stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Conquering Clutter

  1. I think I’m pretty organized. I go on decluttering sprees every few weeks and throw things out or donate them.When I was single my house was spotless, sparking and everything was so organized. but with kids its really difficult to keep everything organized.Anyways thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  2. I really agree with the things those have been mentioned above and the tips are also going to be helpful if they are implemented the way they have been mentioned above.

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