My Kids in Music Class? Why not?

Whenever summer comes, the most I heard from moms is how to keep their children busy and at the same time learning even if classes are off. Most will have their kids attend a summer class of which art class, ballet and taekwondo are very common.

A few years from now, I will also be sending my boys to a summer class, and I thought sending them to music class at an early age will stir and develop music intelligence. I can only imagine raising musicians, and a home full of symphony and rhythm sure it’ll be blended into harmonious home.

When you say music class, the things that come into my mind are guitar, piano and voice class. I think these three are the most enrolled music classes. I’d also love it if my boys will be interested in those classes and become a guitarist or a pianist and perhaps a singer. But I wonder if they’ll also be interested in percussion class. I have seen a group of kids percussionist and they were awesome. It made me want to get in percussion at musicians friend but I guess I’m too old for that so I’ll just leave it for my kids. However, I wouldn’t manipulate them. As much as I wanted them to get a head-start musically, I’ll leave the decision to my kids and let them choose as to what class they want to be in.


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