On Starting a Business and Marketing

Don’t you want to have your own business and work on a flexible time, withdrawing yourself from an 8 hour job a week? Oh yes, I would definitely love it, in fact my husband and I are dreaming of having our own business but we do not have enough funds yet to kick off our dream biz. However, we manage to start up a small scale business last year, it may not be our dream biz but it’s something that I like doing.

I knew first hand that running a business, small or big is not easy, especially if you do not have entrepreneurial skills or background. Marketing strategy and it’s cost was one of our struggles. We know that it is through marketing that you’ll be able to reach your target customers and how I we could afford to advertise or at least even the wholesale yard signs I’ve seen in the web. I guess in a few months we will have a budget for that with hopes to reach target audience and increase our customers.

We are not yet there on our biz goal but I am crossing my fingers that we will get there in due time by faith.

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