It’s a Pager

Have you ever wondered what is that piece in some restaurants that blinks and vibrates once your order is ready for pick? It was funny how I startled handling that little piece especially the time it vibrates. Sorry for the ignorance but I haven’t seen one until I went overseas. Alright, its called restaurant pager, exactly like the restaurant pagers from crown security products. It tells the customer that the order is ready for pick up at the counter so if you’ve been handed with a restaurant pager, don’t expect for the waiter to serve your food, when it blinks and vibrates, go and pick up your order.

I have seen a few restaurants here in Manila that is using this system. Perhaps it’s not yet a hype to business owners. This is much better than the conventional way as you do not have to wait longer for your order at the counter, or wait for your number to be called. With restaurant pagers, you can wait conveniently at your table until your order is ready.

Tips for Advertising on Mobile Devices

So many people use smartphones and other mobile devices that advertising on them is a wise thing for any business to do. However, mobile advertising is very different than any other type of advertising. You will need to change the way you do your advertising to be able to effectively target those using a device. If you use the tips below, you should be able to build an effective advertisement for any smartphone or mobile device.

Making a Mobile Ad

The first thing you will need to keep in mind when you make an ad for a mobile device is that the screen is much smaller than a television or a computer screen. You will need to make your ad much simpler since it will not have as much space. Use less words – there should be about ten words in your advertisement and perhaps a simple picture. Say what you need to say in as few words as possible, and include a picture to help depict what your ad is about. Do not use too many colors. You can have a color to help your advertisement stand out on the screen, but you should still keep it as simple as possible. Include a link so that if they touch the ad they will be brought to your website or a place where they can buy whatever you are advertising.

Getting Help

If you have no experience making advertisements, you may want to get an advertising company to help you with it. Find a good online advertising company to do your mobile advertising for you. The people at the company generally have a lot ofexperience in working with mobile phones and advertisements in general, so they can easily design an effective ad for you. Tell them what you hope to accomplish with the ad. They will get a feel for what your company is about, and they will come up with an ad that is worth paying to post online. It is very much worth the extra money to get the help if you can have a more effective ad that will accomplish a lot more for you.

The Importance of Waste Management in a Community

Many things make up a community and play a role in the successful functioning of a society. One of the things that plays an unexpected key role is that of trash removal and handling. The waste management of Louisville, for example, plays a large role in the society. Stop to think about it for a second. What if there was no service coming around to pick up the garbage? What would you do? How would you handle that? The waste removal company plays a large role in a society.

The Processing of Handling Waste

In addition to picking up the trash in a community, another critical piece of the process is dealing with all the garbage. Handling the garbage is just as important as picking it up. How the garbage is handled and dealt with is just as important to the community as having it picked up. Also important is controlling the appearance and the smell of the community dump. Many aspects come into play when it comes to running the community dump in a way that keeps it essentially hidden from view.

How Community Members Can Help in the Process

In addition to a solid waste management company, it is important for the members of the community to do their part in waste management. One way that they can help is to make sure they throw things away from their homes in a timely manner so that there is a consistent flow of garbage and not a sudden surge in the waste. Another way members of the community can help is to make sure they have enough garbage cans for the amount of waste they are producing. Too many people attempt to go with fewer garbage cans than they should realistically be using. If members of the community will have and use adequate garbage cans, then they will be able to shut the lids on the cans and prevent garbage from getting out and making a mess in their neighborhoods. There are many things that can be done to help with the waste management in Louisville. It simply takes a little time and preparation to make it happen.

Eating Blues

I almost had a broken toe last night,  and my left foot still hurts. I am contemplating on taking duloxetine 30 mg to ease the pain but my medicine box is empty. Anyways, I just had a light dinner as I don’t feel like eating heavy meal, seems that my appetite is upset the whole day so as my son Zoe. He used to have  a good appetite, but recently he is loosing it because he is, most of the time pre-occupied by playing. Whenever I would call him for meal time he would reason out “I’m playing” or “I’m watching” or worst pretending that he can’t hear me while dear mommy would try to stay calm and convince him to sit down on the dining chair.

Chewing seems to be an effort for him and I gotta wait until he swallow and wait till he finished all his food for an hour. This has become frequent and I hope it will not become his habit or else I will have to be more firm with our meal time rules. I am a bit embarrassed about this as I want him to have proper nourishment. I hate to say this, but feeding has become a struggle for me.

Right now, I am determined to establish a good eating habit for my little boys. I am currently gathering tips and information on how to have them on the dining chair and munch everything on their plates without blues. Most of it I got from first hand experience of my dear mommy friends and the internet.

How about you, does your kids have an eating problem? How do you deal with it?

A March for A Vital Change

Along with the National Heroes Day Celebration is the Million People March happening in Metro Manila. Hundreds of Filipino march to Luneta Park in protest to the controversial P10 Billion Pork Barrel scam.

million people march
photo from

The Nation was surprise when a whistleblower exposed anomaly in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel involving senators and congressmen.

The “call to action” posted by composer Monet Silvestre on Facebook escalates and in response thousand of people marched to Luneta today as a statement to abolish pork barrel and to run after those people who stole public fund. I was swept away by the response of Filipinos as I go through my social network account. Support to scrap down pork barrel were overflowing and I could not just ignore it. Had I not had to report for work, I have marched too. But I was there in spirit and I am with thousands of Filipinos all over the world expressing their disappointment (through social media) to those individuals who stole public fund.

Corruption is prevalent in the Philippines, yes it is a fact, but with this amount – P10 Billion,  we cannot just slur over it and continue to be blind. We all have right to investigate and the Filipinos deserves to know where our taxes goes. If only that amount were handled properly there could have been 100 public school classrooms, 14M books, 2800 barangay health centers and 10,000 houses for the informal settlers or (in full amount) 10 Billion pesos can buy 129 trains for our MRT and LRT? (source, can you imagine that?

I guess this has been happening for years and God is just so good that he is slowly exposing those corrupt officials. I pray that He continues to expose and let them pay their wages until we live a corrupt-free country. Indeed our country needs a vital change. God Bless the Philippines!



Officially Back

Sorry for not updating this blog for sometime. I was really in a rowdy schedule the past week and had no time to update my blogs. It’s is only by this time that I get to check online work and hoping to get them done the soonest, officially I am back aboard!

Just got back from Sunday service and I was so so blessed. I thank God for the opportunity to worship Him and hear His message again. After a couple of months being in a hibernate mode with God, I have never felt so blessed worshiping Him, not after this Sunday’s Worship. I have decided to reconnect to the One who gave it all for me. I really miss Him soo much especially those time that I feel closest to Him! I am so blessed to finally regain my longing for Jesus and grow deeper in Him. It feels so good to be back, not just online but in one of the most important aspect in our life!

I hope you had a great and blessed Sunday!

Great and Confident with pH Care!

Part of my job is to visit the construction site, and apart from the usual mire that I encounter during site visits, I also had a nut on staying fresh on site under the hot humid weather. I would always find time sneaking out to freshen up after rounds of inspection before meeting the client or other contractors on site. That’s the time where I bring out my so called on site vanity kit. oh…please don’t ask me to disclose everything inside it, I’d rather keep it secret but for a glimpse, I make sure I have hand sanitizer and wet wipes inside. I don’t like the uneasy feeling down there when i’m out so instead of bringing my regular feminine wash which is bulky I used hypo allergenic wipes.  Well, that was before I discover pH Feminine Wipes.

ph care wipes

I have been using pH Feminine wash for years that is why I am glad that Unilab came up with this convenient and easy to use feminine wipes that I can bring anywhere I go. It definitely gives me the fresh and clean feeling on site and makes me feel great and more confident not just on site but anywhere my happy feet brought me.

I use pH care because it’s  alcohol free and hypo-allergenic, mildly scented and most of all clinically tested so it’s safe for everyday use. So for women out there who are always on the go, pH Feminine Wipes is just perfect for you!


My Future Guitarist

It’s a good thing that our son Zoe is learning from his favourite cartoon programs. As a mom it is important to keep an eye to the programs that he is watching to ensure that he only gets to watch those that are educational and appropriate with his age.

Recently I saw him play pretending a guitarist with a cloth hanger as a guitar, swaying on his own tune and lyrics. He got me swaying too to whatever tune was that. I was giving him big smiles while he smiles back and continues play pretending. This is one thing that he learned from watching Disney Junior programs. I hope his interest with music will continue until he grows up. And it is my job to hone this interests. Looks like I’ll be saving up for a microphone set and the new taylor gs mini at guitar center for the tot and more saving for a music class or perhaps a private guitar tutor. It might be a bit expensive, but for the love of music and for that heartwarming feeling seeing the little one clinging to music, I wouldn’t mind spending.