My Future Guitarist

It’s a good thing that our son Zoe is learning from his favourite cartoon programs. As a mom it is important to keep an eye to the programs that he is watching to ensure that he only gets to watch those that are educational and appropriate with his age.

Recently I saw him play pretending a guitarist with a cloth hanger as a guitar, swaying on his own tune and lyrics. He got me swaying too to whatever tune was that. I was giving him big smiles while he smiles back and continues play pretending. This is one thing that he learned from watching Disney Junior programs. I hope his interest with music will continue until he grows up. And it is my job to hone this interests. Looks like I’ll be saving up for a microphone set and the new taylor gs mini at guitar center for the tot and more saving for a music class or perhaps a private guitar tutor. It might be a bit expensive, but for the love of music and for that heartwarming feeling seeing the little one clinging to music, I wouldn’t mind spending.





One thought on “My Future Guitarist

  1. “Our son adores Ms. Zoe. She is warm, caring, and obviously loves children and sharing music with them. She’s also grounded, knowledgeable and straight-forward in her teaching. We’ve all learned a lot! “Music Together” classes have enhanced all of our lives.” — Megary S.

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