Great and Confident with pH Care!

Part of my job is to visit the construction site, and apart from the usual mire that I encounter during site visits, I also had a nut on staying fresh on site under the hot humid weather. I would always find time sneaking out to freshen up after rounds of inspection before meeting the client or other contractors on site. That’s the time where I bring out my so called on site vanity kit. oh…please don’t ask me to disclose everything inside it, I’d rather keep it secret but for a glimpse, I make sure I have hand sanitizer and wet wipes inside. I don’t like the uneasy feeling down there when i’m out so instead of bringing my regular feminine wash which is bulky I used hypo allergenic wipes.  Well, that was before I discover pH Feminine Wipes.

ph care wipes

I have been using pH Feminine wash for years that is why I am glad that Unilab came up with this convenient and easy to use feminine wipes that I can bring anywhere I go. It definitely gives me the fresh and clean feeling on site and makes me feel great and more confident not just on site but anywhere my happy feet brought me.

I use pH care because it’s  alcohol free and hypo-allergenic, mildly scented and most of all clinically tested so it’s safe for everyday use. So for women out there who are always on the go, pH Feminine Wipes is just perfect for you!


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