A March for A Vital Change

Along with the National Heroes Day Celebration is the Million People March happening in Metro Manila. Hundreds of Filipino march to Luneta Park in protest to the controversial P10 Billion Pork Barrel scam.

million people march
photo from www.abs-cbnnews.com

The Nation was surprise when a whistleblower exposed anomaly in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel involving senators and congressmen.

The “call to action” posted by composer Monet Silvestre on Facebook escalates and in response thousand of people marched to Luneta today as a statement to abolish pork barrel and to run after those people who stole public fund. I was swept away by the response of Filipinos as I go through my social network account. Support to scrap down pork barrel were overflowing and I could not just ignore it. Had I not had to report for work, I have marched too. But I was there in spirit and I am with thousands of Filipinos all over the world expressing their disappointment (through social media) to those individuals who stole public fund.

Corruption is prevalent in the Philippines, yes it is a fact, but with this amount – P10 Billion,  we cannot just slur over it and continue to be blind. We all have right to investigate and the Filipinos deserves to know where our taxes goes. If only that amount were handled properly there could have been 100 public school classrooms, 14M books, 2800 barangay health centers and 10,000 houses for the informal settlers or (in full amount) 10 Billion pesos can buy 129 trains for our MRT and LRT? (source, abs-cbn.news.com) can you imagine that?

I guess this has been happening for years and God is just so good that he is slowly exposing those corrupt officials. I pray that He continues to expose and let them pay their wages until we live a corrupt-free country. Indeed our country needs a vital change. God Bless the Philippines!



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