Eating Blues

I almost had a broken toe last night,  and my left foot still hurts. I am contemplating on taking duloxetine 30 mg to ease the pain but my medicine box is empty. Anyways, I just had a light dinner as I don’t feel like eating heavy meal, seems that my appetite is upset the whole day so as my son Zoe. He used to have  a good appetite, but recently he is loosing it because he is, most of the time pre-occupied by playing. Whenever I would call him for meal time he would reason out “I’m playing” or “I’m watching” or worst pretending that he can’t hear me while dear mommy would try to stay calm and convince him to sit down on the dining chair.

Chewing seems to be an effort for him and I gotta wait until he swallow and wait till he finished all his food for an hour. This has become frequent and I hope it will not become his habit or else I will have to be more firm with our meal time rules. I am a bit embarrassed about this as I want him to have proper nourishment. I hate to say this, but feeding has become a struggle for me.

Right now, I am determined to establish a good eating habit for my little boys. I am currently gathering tips and information on how to have them on the dining chair and munch everything on their plates without blues. Most of it I got from first hand experience of my dear mommy friends and the internet.

How about you, does your kids have an eating problem? How do you deal with it?

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