Investing on a Headphone

If you are a music lover, it is best to invest on great musical stuffs. That means, considering the quality of the item above all else. The product brand would be taken into consideration first and foremost. It is also best to go out and check samples from music stores to try them on and see for yourself. Checking on reviews would also be good. For me, one great investment is a Sony Studio Headphones at musician’s friend. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them, and so I think it really is good. So, if I were to buy a headphone, it would be this. Well, I still to save up for it because I just bought something else for myself.

Lighting Appeal

When we were looking for a place to stay as newlyweds, I learned a lot of things. It’s good that we gave ourselves enough time to look for one because during the first tour that we had, I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted, but, just the idea of how they cost. After few visits of different model units, I realized that a good building or house is finally made more beautiful by its lighting system. It just gives a different appeal and impression once the lights are on. After having realized this, I started checking online and saw some lights from louis poulsen lighting. I would say, they’ve got really elegant pieces that will surely make one a hard time choosing which style she would get. We are already in the final stages of designing our place, and I am hoping to get a good lighting system for the whole house.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

You are probably not the only person who simply cannot find the lid for that piece of Tupperware. You also aren’t the only one who has to lift up six pots or pans just to get to the one you need on the bottom. Having an accessible and organized kitchen can be a challenge, for sure. If you are in need of some organization suggestions for your kitchen cabinets in SLC and your kitchen in general, you’ve come to the right place.

Use Organizers

No doubt you have a drawer full of sandwich bags, foils, and other wrapping tools, right? One trick that could help save you some space is to use a magazine file holder for those tall boxes. It stands upright and can fit several containers in it. This way, you can use a fraction of the space in a taller cupboard, and use that drawer for something else. If your utensil drawers are completely chaotic, invest in a couple of plastic organizers. They exist in all shapes and sizes to fit any drawer and any utensil. Keeping all the knives in one slot, all of your ladles in another, and other similar objects together can help you locate items much more quickly.

Use Racks

One thing you can do to make it so that you don’t have to lift up several pans or lids at once just to get to one item is to use lid racks. They can stand upright and separate the lids to various bowls and pots, or you can have them installed sideways. This is great for storing pans. Using a spice rack can help you locate your cooking items more quickly. Another option is to use roll-out racks. They can be installed in your regular cupboards. You can simply pull out the rack like a drawer to get what you need instead of having to dig into the depths of your cabinets.

Use Common Sense

There are other things you can do to optimize space in your kitchen cabinets in SLC. Put the things you use frequently all in one cabinet. This includes glasses, cereal bowls, plates, and other commonly used items. Store cookware and bakeware close to the oven. And store everything you need for a similar task together. For example, keep mixing bowls, sifters, and mixers together. All of these tips should help make your kitchen space more bearable.

Thinking About Christmas

When ber-months start, I can’t help but be giddy about the holidays most especially now that I’ve got two kids already. It’s basically not just being excited for myself, but, more for them. With the whole planning and preparations for this, I have to consider what would entertain them. As early as now, I have already been checking online and happened to see department 56. They’ve got really fantastic décor for the holidays which I’m sure my boys will love having at home. Since Christmas is all about fun and colors, I want something really colorful. It is just so pleasing to the eye to see happy hues.

My Christmas Gift for Myself

Being into a great balancing act as I juggle between family life and career, I have been thinking of giving myself a treat this Christmas. Well, I am thinking of buying myself something that I won’t only benefit but my whole family. I keep myself busy during my break-time browsing Lazada PH, hoping to find great buys for the holidays and yes, I discovered a lot of stuffs. I am surely to go online shopping for some stuffs including the cookwares that I consider something for me and my family. Since, I love to cook whenever I have the time to, this would make us have great meals during the holidays and other special occasions. First among the few cookwares I want is a multi-cooker which I think for me is such a practical buy.

 photo cookware_zps630938d8.png

Well, I still have to finalize my list, in order to prepare my budget and not to miss on anything, especially the important ones. With a lot of convenience that online shopping gives, that is where I am buying my gifts for my loved-ones also.

How about you, have you started with your Christmas list already? I suggest, don’t forget to give yourself a treat as well, for every Supermom deserves it.

When in Theater

Reading the title, I hope you didn’t misinterpret what I meant. I am not a theater actor, I just love going to the theater for theatrical shows and movies as well. While it might be cheaper watching movies at home, I prefer going to movie theaters because I love their sound effects that our mini theater can’t offer. I guess they might be using exceptional tc electronics arena at m123 that explains the exceptional sound effects at the theaters.

When in theater, aside from expecting a great musical show or movie, I make sure I have with me a sweat suit or at least a warmer. I can stand the temperature inside. I like bringing something to munch unless it’s food and drinks are prohibited inside. I sat in the middle for its not too near nor too far. I turn my phone to silent mode and lastly, I want to sit beside hubby.


Sunday School

Zoe is now attending the Sunday school and I am glad that he enjoys it. He does tell  me what he did at school when we went home. I was surprised that he is now able to recall things and knows how to tell story of his own. He even recalled what snack was served! oh, he loves eating by the way.

The second meeting, he handed me this when I picked him up after the service.

 photo 2013-08-26082444.jpg

That inspired me and encouraged me to let him attend the Sunday school regularly.

Why Exposing Kids to Arts and Music is Important

Douglas Wood who created Little Einstein deserves credit for producing such a great concept of teaching little ones art and music. If your kids are watching the program which is aired on Disney Junior, I’m sure they have developed interests in arts and music.

Early exposure to the arts and music plays an important role in developing their visual and listening skills and motivates their self expression. This is why it’s important to expose our kids to arts and music at an early age.

When kids get involved in the arts and music, he is more likely to grow with a sharper brain. I guess that’s explain why artists and musically inclined kids excel in school. This is perhaps why many parents are spending money to take their kids into these trainings, which I think worth spending after all.

But not all parents can afford to send their kids to art or music school. An oil pastel might be expensive or a yamaha open hole student flute at musician’s friend might be a luxury to others. But don’t fret moms and dads, there are still ways to teach your kids arts and music within your pocket’s reach. You need not to be an artist in order to teach the kids arts, there are so many ways you can introduce arts to your kids. You can start by collecting arts and crafts materials (the not expensive ones) and when you have them, start teaching right away. I know you can do a little illustrations, or at least mold a clay into something, that’s art. While teaching music maybe hard if you’re not musically inclined, letting your kids watch and listen to musical TV programs is a clever idea.

So let’s bring it on moms and dads! Bring out the artist in you and your kids.


Doc Zoe

So, I’m into digital scrap-booking now. I have been wanting to do this for quit sometime, actually I have few unfinished scrapped buried in my hard drives. This jump start made my day, as I scrapped my boys whom I caught play pretending this morning before I went for work I can help but giggle over their pictures.

Here’s sharing my first official digi-scrapped called “Doc Zoe”.
 photo DOCZOE.jpg

More scrap to come!

Little Guitar for the Little Ones

Isn’t it great seeing little ones braced with music? These tiny ones make sweet sound that will never fail my ears. I just watched a video of my nephew playing guitar and it just so so pleasing to my heart and ears. I suddenly think of my boys, I’d definitely love to see and hear them playing guitar someday.

It’s a good thing that little guitars like baby taylor mahogany are widely available these days so it would be easy for them to learn. I don’t know but I feel like they’re uncomfortable holding the big guitars – they really are meant for big ones. I couldn’t say more, but thank God for the little guitars! It makes learning guitar easy for the little ones.