Organizing Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

You are probably not the only person who simply cannot find the lid for that piece of Tupperware. You also aren’t the only one who has to lift up six pots or pans just to get to the one you need on the bottom. Having an accessible and organized kitchen can be a challenge, for sure. If you are in need of some organization suggestions for your kitchen cabinets in SLC and your kitchen in general, you’ve come to the right place.

Use Organizers

No doubt you have a drawer full of sandwich bags, foils, and other wrapping tools, right? One trick that could help save you some space is to use a magazine file holder for those tall boxes. It stands upright and can fit several containers in it. This way, you can use a fraction of the space in a taller cupboard, and use that drawer for something else. If your utensil drawers are completely chaotic, invest in a couple of plastic organizers. They exist in all shapes and sizes to fit any drawer and any utensil. Keeping all the knives in one slot, all of your ladles in another, and other similar objects together can help you locate items much more quickly.

Use Racks

One thing you can do to make it so that you don’t have to lift up several pans or lids at once just to get to one item is to use lid racks. They can stand upright and separate the lids to various bowls and pots, or you can have them installed sideways. This is great for storing pans. Using a spice rack can help you locate your cooking items more quickly. Another option is to use roll-out racks. They can be installed in your regular cupboards. You can simply pull out the rack like a drawer to get what you need instead of having to dig into the depths of your cabinets.

Use Common Sense

There are other things you can do to optimize space in your kitchen cabinets in SLC. Put the things you use frequently all in one cabinet. This includes glasses, cereal bowls, plates, and other commonly used items. Store cookware and bakeware close to the oven. And store everything you need for a similar task together. For example, keep mixing bowls, sifters, and mixers together. All of these tips should help make your kitchen space more bearable.

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