Press Release: LAZADA introduces premier fashion items to Southeast Asian customers

LAZADA is on its way to becoming Southeast Asia’s number one fashion shopping destination

 photo lasada_zpsb066a0a7.png

  • Almost 10,000 fashion items already available
  • Features 700 well-known local and international fashion brands
    online (among them Nike, Celine, Marc Jacobs, RayBan, etc.)
  • Supports local designers and smaller brands through LAZADA’s unique fashion marketplace model

 Lazada, the leading online shopping in the Philippines, today announces the launch of its brand-new fashion marketplace in Lazada ID, Lazada MY, Lazada PH, Lazada TH and Lazada VN.

Lazada, which initially offered categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment, now adds to their extensive category range almost 10,000 fashion accessories like watches, bags and shoes and apparel. The fashion assortment consists of more than 700 local and international brands including Nike, Celine, Crocs, RayBan, Linea Italia, Dupe, Pepe Jeans, Casio, Mendrez, Marc Jacobs and Mossimo.

Lazada also supports local designers and upcoming brands by offering the unique opportunity to create their own online shop-in-shop. Through this marketplace model, brands can leverage on Lazada’s popularity and operational expertise, as well as reach customers beyond the traditional offline infrastructure. Smaller retailers benefit from Lazada’s traffic through Lazada’s strong customer base as well as from specific campaigns like the Lazada fashion week where local designers are able to present their products to a broad online audience.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our new fashion marketplace today. This marks a huge step forward on our way to become Southeast Asia’s shopping destination with the broadest assortment available on one platform. We saw a growing demand for fashion items and responded to this need right away. This is a logical step that follows our customer-centric approach: We want to serve our customer’s needs in all areas of their lives”, says Maximilian Bittner, CEO of the LAZADA group.

Boarding new brands like Z’Ng by Jonathan Wong from Malaysia, Co-founder and Fashion Category Manager Martell Hardenberg said, “We are proud of being able to both enhance the range for our customers and to contribute to the online ecosystem in Southeast Asia through our unique marketplace model. This is a great achievement as it is very important for us to give young designers and local entrepreneurs a platform which helps them to access the broad market.”

Due to existing infrastructure, LAZADA is able to grow the assortment very quickly. Many more items, new sub-categories and new shops are added every day to ensure customers will find all fashion items they look for on LAZADA.


LAZADA ( is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online shopping mall, with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

LAZADA is pioneering e-commerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment.

LAZADA is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offerings – including multiple payment options (cash on delivery and all major credit cards), free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments. On-the-go shoppers can conveniently shop from the LAZADA Android app.

A Selfie Time for a not so Selfie Mom

I have been planning to go on selfie or should I call it a ME time. My locks really need some pampering but my schedule does not allow me to visit the salon just yet. I might just wear a wig with lace front wigs for a while to cover my ungracious locks as of the moment. I wonder how will I look like. Seriously I am eyeing for a Brazilian Keratin treat come payday. I have been scouting for a good deal over the net and I really hope this much needed ME time will come to pass.

Are there any moms out there who can relate or would love to join me? We all need a breakfree!


Zian’s First Hair Cut

The dad has been bugging me to cut Zian’s hair bald so it would gain volume. And so a week ago, Zian had his first hair cut along with his kuya Zoe.  Unlike Zoe, Zian comported himself throughout the process. He was quietly seated on the barber chair while watching his hair being cut on the mirror.

 photo 20131005_185227_zps73c6e17e.jpgBefore

 photo ed0f5dac-41a1-4f49-bf96-ec79e42f552a_zpsb2ff2f85.jpg

 photo 20131005_185414_zps6cd3dc2b.jpg

I was surprise with his composure. I thought he is going to throw a royal hissy once the scissor touched his hair.

 And welcome the new do!

 photo 20131005_190112_zpsc9c8290d.jpg

Want more? watch the video below.




A Ring to Remember

I’m still getting giddy once I remember the day my boyfriend for eight years proposed. Five years after the proposal, I can still savor that elated moment that every girl wants to experience. Seeing the ring in my right hand’s ring finger always reminds of that sweet moment – a sweet memory.  On the other hand, the ring that wraps my ring finger on the left has the sweetest memories ever – my wedding ring.

Ohh…forgive me of my sweet thoughts I haven’t got a dose of sweets for like two weeks now. Someone please give me a bar of my fave chocolate. Anyway, to neutralize the sugary thoughts, I wish I had my college ring in between. Definitely it’ll bring back my college memories – something that’s really worth remembering. I guess I might have something like the class rings from soon. This is actually something that I really wanted after I graduated from college but due to lack of resources, it remains on my wishlist. Hopefully I can have one this Christmas.

Narrow Your Search Down before Looking for a New Car

The search for a new or previously owned vehicle at a GMC Woodbridge dealership can be a lot of fun. However, if you approach a sales rep before you are prepared, you might end up buying a car, truck, or SUV that you really don’t want and cannot afford. Following are three suggestions that can help you narrow down your search before you ever talk to a sales rep:

  • Evaluate your current circumstances.
  • Determine your monthly payment.
  • Browse a dealership before you are ready to buy.

Evaluate Your Current Circumstances

The following story is typical of individuals and families seeking to replace their current vehicle. A family’s van was totaled by one of their teenage children. The van had been perfect for their needs as a growing family. Immediately they started to look at options for a replacement van. After searching for several days, the mother looked at the father and asked the hard question, “Do we really need a van?” After some frank discussion, they realized that their family was shrinking and they didn’t need or want a van. Thus, they began searching for an economy car that would be suitable for their current needs.

Determine Your Monthly Payment

An important element in narrowing down your search is to determine how much money you want to pay each month in a car payment. Once you know this figure, you can use an online loan calculator to determine the upper limit that you can afford. When you start searching for a vehicle, avoid looking at those that are out of your price range. Moreover, once you reach the top-end of your desired loan amount, avoid the temptation to purchase extra features that will increase the total cost of the car.

Browse a Dealership

Visit a GMC Woodbridge dealership before you are ready to buy the car. Tell the sales rep right up front that you are not going to buy just yet but are doing some research for a new car. This will help cut down on the pressure of closing on a deal before you are ready. Then, spend some time looking at different vehicles. Look at the stickers, and pay attention to the figures they contain. Test-drive a few to get a feel for what you want. Take notes and compare them later.

Pink Power Cancer Forum

Ladies, if you are free on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, you might be interested to join the fight against Breast Cancer.

 photo pink_zps38a0e22e.jpg

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is launching its Pink Power Campaign, this is a month-long campaign that aims to provide women with the tools they need to help reduce breast cancer risk. At the Pink Power Cancer Forum guests can hear the testimony of Breast Cancer Survivor and learn about the latest information on breast cancer from a respected doctor to help us, women, become more proactive in battling this disease. Guests can also get wellness tips from fitness and beauty experts to encourage us to live a healthier lifestyle.

It has been estimated that one of 13 Filipino women develops breast cancer. Therefore, knowing the right tools to reduce the risk is very important. Such event will be of big help to women in fighting and reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Learn more about fighting breast cancer, on October 9, 2013, Wednesday, 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Eastwood Mall Atrium.


Dr. Katrina P. Ferrera, M.D., Active Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology in Cardinal Santos Medical Center and Active Consultant Physician in Medical Oncology in University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center

Lara Melissa de Leon, Breast Cancer Survivor and Advocate

Fergie Icaro, Nutritionist at Fitness First Eastwood

Leizel Gilbero, Assistant Manager and Lead Coach of Curves

Denise Aquino, Owner of Tokyo Posh

For more information contact Rachel Syfargo at or  Camilla Bontogon at

Advantages to Using a Taxi Service

There are many different methods of transportation that you can use to get around. Obviously, private transportation with your own vehicle is a common form of transportation, but may not be a feasible form for many different reasons. There are also many different kinds of public transportation that you can use, like buses, subways, shuttles, and taxis. In Knoxville, taxi cabs have many advantages over other forms of transportation. Here are some of the benefits to taxis over private transportation or other forms of public transportation.

Advantagesover Other Kinds of Public Transportation

For all of the benefits to buses, subways, and shuttles, there are some major disadvantages of these options when compared to using a taxi cab service. First, a taxi offers privacy that you cannot get from these other forms of public transportation. When you use buses and subways, you have to travel with mass amounts of other people. In a taxi, however, you can have your own space and privacy to make phone calls or check your emails and other personal things without having strangers looking in. Additionally, taxi cabs offer convenience in transportation. In order to ride the bus or the subway, you have to go to a specified stop and a specified time in order to catch the bus or subway headed toward your destination. With a taxi, though, you can get a taxi whenever you need it without following some sort of schedule. You can also get picked up at your door and dropped off exactly where you need to go when you ride in a taxi. This is advantageous to buses and subways that only take you from one stop to another, requiring you to transport yourself to the place you actually need to go. As you can see, taxis have some great benefits that other forms of public transportation lack.

Advantages over Private Transportation

In addition, taxis also have a lot of advantages over private transportation. The costs of owning your own vehicle can be very high, what with the purchase price, maintenance costs, gas, insurance payments, etc. Using a taxi instead of owning your own vehicle can save you a lot of money in the long run because taxis eliminate a lot of the costs of owning a vehicle. In Knoxville, taxi cab services have all of these benefits to offer you over other kinds of transportation.