Zian’s First Hair Cut

The dad has been bugging me to cut Zian’s hair bald so it would gain volume. And so a week ago, Zian had his first hair cut along with his kuya Zoe.  Unlike Zoe, Zian comported himself throughout the process. He was quietly seated on the barber chair while watching his hair being cut on the mirror.

 photo 20131005_185227_zps73c6e17e.jpgBefore

 photo ed0f5dac-41a1-4f49-bf96-ec79e42f552a_zpsb2ff2f85.jpg

 photo 20131005_185414_zps6cd3dc2b.jpg

I was surprise with his composure. I thought he is going to throw a royal hissy once the scissor touched his hair.

 And welcome the new do!

 photo 20131005_190112_zpsc9c8290d.jpg

Want more? watch the video below.




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