Ceelin Plus: Mom’s Great Partner in Ensuring Kid’s Health and Wellness

My kid’s health and wellness is one of my top priorities. But being a working mom of two boys, maintaining their health and ensuring their wellness through out there growing up years is a struggle. I may provide healthy meals for them before I leave for work, but I am not sure if they really have eaten it as I know our baby sitters don’t have much patience when it comes to my two picky eaters boys. More so I don’t expect that they can give the kind of care mother’s can give.

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Having Ceelin Plus since day one of my motherhood help me in providing good health to my kids. They may not eat nutritious food all the time, Ceelin indemnify those missing nutrients and therefore helps me in protecting my boys from sickness. That’s why ever since I went back to work, I  make sure that I personally give them a dose of their vitamin C everyday before I leave for work. That is something I can’t afford to miss.

Manufactured by Unilab, Ceelin plus contains stabilized Vitamin C and Zinc. This combination results in a double immunity boosting action and a stronger immune system that makes it a great partner in ensuring health and wellness to my kids.


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