Good…Good Night Sleep

Back when I was ten years younger than my age, I can work all day long and even up to the wee hours. I was such a night owl that I had to take a dose of iron everyday as I went anemic due to lack of sleep. As I age, I hardly do the same thing.

Lately I have been trying hard to work during wee hours (the time when the kids are sleeping sound) as it’s the most peaceful time for me. But sad to say, that I find it very hard waking up to early these days. It seems that I have been getting some very good sleep as I age. My phone’s alarm clock is not enough to wake me up and I have to blame my bed and pillow fromĀ Foam Factory Inc for always sleeping like a log.

But on the brighter side, it’s something beneficial for my health. Everyone needs sufficient sleep to help lessen the risk of mental and physical health problems. Sleep, especially a good sleeping pattern is something that we should not neglect. It maybe a luxury for others, but it surely worth practicing as this will give us good health and a prolonged life.

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