Something I want this Christmas

As I was wrapping Christmas gifts last night, I had this feeling that I will be gift-less on Christmas. I imagined myself looking at the boys opening their gifts while mom has nothing to open. Oh it’s because I am the Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Seriously, I would also want to receive gifts this Holiday. And if you ask me what’s on my list, I only have a few. First on the list, is a Micheal Kors tote bag. I hope this post will reach my Santa Hubby. I would also love to have a sporty watch before 2013 ends. It’s something I can wear during work out or even on casual days. These two will definitely bring big smile on my face.

I’m sure you have your Christmas wish lists as well. I wish your Santa will grant your wishes this Christmas so we all could have a Merry Merry Christmas!

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