My 2014 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the fourth day of 2014 and this is my very first post for the year of the Wooden Horse. This year, rather than coming up with New Year resolutions, I have come up with a few lists of goals to achieve and I am feeling determined about it.

This year I wanted to:

Be more intimate with God: I felt so distant from God last year, it was only on the last quarter of the year that I have decided to join (again) a d-group to lighten me up. It is my prayer to establish (again) a quality time with the Lord.

Be a better mom and wife: No, I am not a bad mom or wife. I may have failures, but I know I am a good mom and wife. This year, I know I can do better and I will always try my best to become a better mom to our two boys and a wife to my DH.

Be wise treasurer: Stretching the budget was a usual scenario last year, but this year, I wanted to be more intelligent in budgeting our money. But first and foremost, I think I need to fully understand the word BUDGET.

Save: Save! Save! Save! This is what my mind is telling me this year. It’s for our emergency fund. I am to save 10% ¬†of my salary every month. I know I can do it crossing my fingers!

I am praying for wisdom and strength for me to be able to achieve these goals.



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