Online Furniture Shopping

I remember how hard it was, scouting and finally purchasing furniture’s for our tiny abode. We have to go from one furniture shop to the other in order to find quality yet affordable furniture’s. It took time and effort before we finally settled for the perfect choice.

If you want to escape the hassle of hopping from one store to another online furniture shopping is worth a try. It’s easier and it’ll be an easy task. Now you can find everything online, from sofa set, coffee table, bed frames to dining tables and even find faux burlap tablecloths.

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Isn’t it a great idea shopping at the comfort of your home? Going online will give you more options as most furniture shop nowadays has their website. They provide detailed specification of the product as well as their prices. It is definitely less stress with ample time to find what you are looking for. So whether you are shopping for your brand new house or simply replacing old furniture, consider online shopping today.

Hillsong United in Manila 2014

They’re coming back to Manila!

 photo 1522572_10152094687603759_1673674322_o_zps4735fe51.jpg

Marked my calendar, Hillsong United in Manila is happening on June 13 2014. I have been waiting for their return after their Aftermath Tour last 2011. They’re going to rock Manila with so much love in Jesus once again.

For ticket reservation call Becca Music at (02) 9105352 or visit their FB Page.

A Saturdate with DGroup at MMRC

It was my first time at the CCF-Mt. Makiling Recreation Center and it was so unfortunate that my camera was battery empty. I wasn’t able to check the battery before leaving. Maybe I should have an extra back up battery. Looks like i’m gonna be checking kodak camera batteries  soon.

We took a one and a half drive to Sto.Tomas Batangas where MMRC is located. Instead of meeting on the usual friday night schedule, we have decided to meet at MMRC on a saturday for a change. As I said, it was my first time there. I soo love the tranquility of the place plus the greens and the fresh air breeze. So perfect for a quality time with the Lord.

In the absence of my camera, I have to grab a photo from MMRC’s FB Page. I hope they don’t mind if I share it to you guys.

 photo 1779290_567252243365643_1995074774_n_zps43da2f7f.jpg
photo from:

The Bethel Hall, consists of function rooms, cafeteria and public restrooms.

 photo 1888641_567243370033197_173733672_n_zpsfb095809.jpg
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The infinity pool. I love its dramatic location, it is raised from the road level surrounded with greens plus the view of Mt. Makiling.

 photo 150287_567259020031632_649833980_n_zps6f84ac0d.jpg
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MMRC is right at the foot of Mt. Makiling.

Definitely, I will come back, with hubby and the boys.

You are Invited to Barney’s Birthday Bash!

Did your kids missed Barney last year? Good news, Barney and friends is coming back to Manila for an all new Barney Show.  Also it’s gonna be Barney’s Birthday Bash and everyone is invited.

 photo 10001276_723559821019339_1361977766_n_zpsce16473a.jpg
Dont miss them again this time!

Hat and the Boys

Lately, our youngest Zian was trying to wear his baby hat. It was funny watching him doing so as the hat won’t fit his head anymore. We should get him a new hat especially now that summer is here. I’m gonna check wholesale hats in the market since I’ll be buying more than two pieces. And I am hopping to save some bucks.

My boys especially my eldest are used to wearing hats. Just like their bottle of milk it’s a must bring whenever we go out door. I guess they got it from their hat collector dad.

I get to check online stores and I found this cadet cap with stars of texas which is nice and unique and might even look great with my boys.

Visited World Bex 2014

After a couple of years that I haven’t visited this once a year exhibit, I finally had a chance to check out what’s new in the construction industry.

 photo 6a77556f-69cd-44b0-99ca-c45cf8dfce04_zps38c84d62.jpg
I’ve noticed that there are quite a large numbers of  exhibitor this year or perhaps it the same last year, I don’t know; I wasn’t there last year. I saw familiar faces and almost the same suppliers as the past exhibit. What I like the most are the number of good and efficient innovations for small spaces like condos which is trending as of the moment.

I didn’t stay that long, as I suffer from leg cramps while roaming around the exhibit area.

The Family Gallery Wall

Hubby once told me to print out my landscaped photos, framed it and hang it on our walls. I was hesitant as I didn’t like the idea so I immediately shrug it off. I am not yet too confident to display my works, I am just an amateur photographer.

That was like a year ago, then suddenly I’ve been mesmerized by frame arts that I’ve been seeing from this site. And so to give our white boring wall a lift, I decided to have our family gallery wall. I am now hanging some portraits of our son which I took during the time I was still active in photography. As you know, just like what I’ve shared in my previous post, the photography in me have long been hibernating since we’ve got two adorable boys.

 photo 20140321_0611461_zps4e097539.jpg

This is an economical alternative of decorating a wall instead of placing a decorative panel or a lattice work on top the concrete wall which is way too expensive. So I am expecting for more print outs this weekend and frames as well.

What’s that little thing that would make me smile?

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I’ve always loved accessories. It’s that pretty little thing that would make me smile. And just last week, I got myself a pair of earrings as a replacement to the multi-colored vintage earrings whose other pair went missing after the boys had played with my jewelry box. They wanted to wear them too. LoL!

I normally buy my accessories at the jewelry stores at St. Francis Square and SM accessories. There are variety of jewelry selections depending on your budget. I also want to check the jewelry stores in salt lake city I heard there are stores that offers custom jewelry design at an affordable price. I should really check on them.

How about you? are you in to accessorizing? I bet most girls do and they got one on their hand surely they’ll smile too!


The View Finder Finds Me Again

The beautiful, full of love wedding pictures of celebrity couple Iya Villania & Drew Arellano inspired me once again to start clicking the shutter again. My use to be favorite hobby has been long hibernating since I became a mom of two wonderful boys. And my long time desire of upgrading my equipment still remains a dream. I still hope I would get the dream Nikon D700 and the trail camera someday.

I used  to take portraits and I soo weddings. The few weddings I covered was a great experience for me. It was a venue of discovering my strength and weakness in photography and above all, those were the times were I get to lengthen my list of equipment wishlist in order to achieve a pro-like photo.

I still am hoping I could get back to this expensive hobby.

How About a Little Drummer Boy in The Family?

Our eldest Zoe will be attending pre-school this school year. In preparation, I have visited few schools nearby our area and I was quite surprise with the tuition fee rates, it’s quite expensive especially progressive and Montessori schools. There was a school that offers music class for the MAPE subject. I like this idea so we don’t have to spend extra bucks for music classes. If ever my son gets in that school, I would prefer the drum lesson for him. I would be very happy if he’ll be our little drummer boy.

I’ve known a friend who plays drums and he told me it would be a great advantage if a person gets exposed with drums at an early age. I hope our boy will be interested with drums. If your children are into drums, check out drums and aquarian drum heads at wwbw. I was browsing their website last time and they’ve got wide selection of drums and accessories.