Book Review | I Wish They Taught Money in High School

As I welcome and embraces the year of the wooden horse, I was also embracing a new set of goals for the year 2014. Business, mutual investments, savings and savings are at the top of my list. I have been dreaming of those since last year and this year I am determined of making them happen.

Along with this dream, I keep educating myself to acquire new skills and improving them accordingly. I would read books, spend hours on the internet reading and reading and reading. When I chanced to review a book I Wish They Taught Money in  High School I immediately grabbed the chance.

This is a 2in1 book. The first one I read was , I Wish They Taught Money in High School: So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away  written by Sharon Cue.

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This is a timely read for me.  Given the skill in design plus a small capital, I am currently starting a small scale business online. I’ve got a few ones who trusted my products and I am hopeful for more. Author Sharon Cue shared that we can start a business out of small to even no capital. She encourages us to utilize our talents and skills to come up with a business of our own without shelling out a big capital. So get rid of the idea that business is only for reach people. She also noted that business alone is not the key to financial freedom, it goes along with your style of money management.

 photo DSC09706_zpscf2b6234.jpgClarissa Seriña-Dela Paz’ I Wish They Taught Money in High School: So I’m Not Dependent On My Paycheck has stirred up once again my long time interest in investing on mutual fund. For the long time, I am still rationalizing and even debating with myself if mutual fund is a good avenue for our small savings. Reading the book has given me a final decision. I realize that I have wasted my time; had I started investing my money from the first time I thought of it, I might have earned extra income today. Ms. Dela Paz shared tips on how we, the regular employees can  make our money work for us. She encouraged us to invest our money and not be dependent on our paycheck alone.

Reading this book I’ve learned helpful tips on how to achieve financial freedom as the authors shared their personal ways on how they achieved their own financial freedom. I was motivated to start investing right away and to bring out the creativity in me for the small business I am starting. It was also easy for me to digest their ideas since the book does not contain so much technical terms, their approach was light and easy perfect for noob like me. So, if you are starting to grow your wealth this year, I suggest that you grab a copy of this book. Like me, you’ll gain more ideas on how you can grow your money. Expect a change on how you perceive money and be ready for opportunities.

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