Getting Ready for a Guitar Lesson

“Mommy can you tell daddy to buy me a guitar please!” Yet again, Zoe reminded me to tell his daddy to grab him a guitar. I feel like he is too young for this, and he might not be ready to strum those strings. We were scouting for guitars few weeks ago but unfortunately we decided to have him a toy guitar instead.

His interest with guitar excites me and I am looking forward for a guitar lesson and (perhaps) a guitar recital or a rock in roll gigs maybe. Sure I’ll be a proud mom. By the way if you are looking for a guitar, I saw a good deal at my favorite guitar store, you might be interested to buy michael kelly guitar.

The little man is enjoying the toy; he got to stick with it for now until he is ready to play a guitar. Thanks goodness we still have time to save for the little man’s guitar and possible guitar lessons.

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