How About a Little Drummer Boy in The Family?

Our eldest Zoe will be attending pre-school this school year. In preparation, I have visited few schools nearby our area and I was quite surprise with the tuition fee rates, it’s quite expensive especially progressive and Montessori schools. There was a school that offers music class for the MAPE subject. I like this idea so we don’t have to spend extra bucks for music classes. If ever my son gets in that school, I would prefer the drum lesson for him. I would be very happy if he’ll be our little drummer boy.

I’ve known a friend who plays drums and he told me it would be a great advantage if a person gets exposed with drums at an early age. I hope our boy will be interested with drums. If your children are into drums, check out drums and aquarian drum heads at wwbw. I was browsing their website last time and they’ve got wide selection of drums and accessories.

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