Oh Hello Dentist!

The boys visited the dentist last week. It was Zoe’s second time and Zian’s first visit to the dentist. Zoe was 2 years old during his first visit and it was unsuccessful. Perhaps he was not that prepared since I started introducing him to the dentist a week before our visit.  At that time some of his teeth were already cavitated.  The pedia-dentist advised me to undergo sedation if ever we would go for a treatment. The dentist was very good in educating me about the procedure, however I don’t want my kid to be sedated. Aside from the expensive cost of the procedure, I am not sure if there are underlying side effects of sedation.

And then little over six months after the first visit, I brought him again to the same dentist with the little bro. This time was totally opposite from his first visit. I guess he absorbed our preparation. I let them watch dentist visits stories from dora and peppa pig. He was cooperating with the dentist, although I have to sit with him on the dental chair. And so he got his flouride with varnish which is good for 3 months.

 photo image_zps13da88e9.jpg

Zian on the other hand was exactly the same with his Kuya’s first visit. Although he was not afraid to sit on the dental chair, he was screaming while the dentist checks on his teeth. We have to force him, locking his legs and arms with mine during the whole procedure. It took a little while, I almost gave up…naawa na ako eh. But Dr. Carmina  went on and was able to apply the flouride with varnish.

 photo image_zps47aed09a.jpg
I hope they’ll be better the next time we visit the dentist.

At this time we are training Zoe to drink milk on the glass while Zian is just to young for this transition. Oral hygiene is something we should not neglect. Poor oral hygiene will eventually lead to dental problem. So lets practice proper oral hygiene; brush and floss everyday to keep our mouth clean and healthy.

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