Zoe’s 4th Birthday | A Bet on Your Baby Experience

Zoe has been telling me he wanted to celebrate his 4th birthday at Bet on Your Baby (a cute-kiddie game show aired on channel 2). So I did a researched and found out about their birthday club and although it was not totally intentional, I emailed Zoe’s picture. After two days I received an email from them, asking for my son’s details and was told to just wait for instruction. And just before I forget about the first email, I received an invite to the December Birthday Club Party at ELJ Center via email. The said event falls exactly on Zoe’s birthday and so, his wish of celebrating his birthday at Bet on Your Baby will finally come true.

On his birthday, we have to pull him out of his class early so we won’t be late for the event. So after a simple Birthday treat for his classmates and after picking some stuff at home, me, hubby and Zoe went  straight to ELJ Center. When we arrived, we saw a couple of families also waiting for the said event.

 photo IMG_25201_zps16c69f0c.jpg

There are total of 20 kids who luckily passed the screening and became a member of The Bet on Your Baby Birthday Club and fortunately they were the first batch of the club to which Ms Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and the BOYB Staff are throwing a party.

There were fun games and treats for the December Babies prepared by BOYB  and all 20 of them  had  met and bond with the award winning host Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo at the Baby Dome where they had fun.

 photo IMG_25211_zps2b33d351.jpg


 photo 10847978_616027655210308_1085735183554947663_n_zpsbb6122d0.jpg
Photo grabbed from BOYB FB Page

The party won’t be complete without the traditional blowing of candles. All 20 kids has a mini cake to blow…and the fun…fun…fun continues…

 photo 10846343_619697351510005_2796029918235373252_n_zpsdd99211e.jpg
Photo Grabbed from BOYB FB Page

It was a fun filled day for all the celebrants, and of course a fun-memorable experience for my little tot. He really enjoyed his Big Day! Thank you so much Bet on your baby for that wonderful experience and for the gifts too…

 photo IMG_2093_zps6bf4d18c.jpg

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