My Singapore Food Street for Noodle & Dimsum Cravings

I was craving for noodle and dim sum last weekend. I just miss the taste of Chinese food back in KL. I was hoping to eat authentic dim sum at a reasonable price. So walking on the isle of Megamall, I thought of MannHann restaurant. But there was a long queue, so I opted for My Singapore Street Food located onthe 2nd Level, Bridgeway, of SM Megamall.

When I walk in, there are quite a number of unoccupied tables. The restaurant is quite big with a little Singaporean vibe.I have to say that I was expecting too much when I walked in for I’ve been craving for dimsum and noodles for quite few days. There was no queue at the order counter and my food was served in less than 10 minutes. I ordered pork siomai (PhP 115.00) and mee goreng (PhP 110.00).

 photo IMG_30581_zps7sqwqwwl.jpg

Just a bit info, mee goreng is a spicy fried noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore made with fried thin yellow noodles with garlic, onion prawn, squid, pork, chili, cabbage, tomatoes, and egg. Don’t panic about the spiciness of this noodle, I think they altered the spiciness level according to the Filipino taste. It was just fine and tolerable. The noodle tasted good. The seasoning was just right, meat and vegetable toppings were just wonderful to munch, its tender and crunchy. The pasta was cooked but still firm to the bite.

 photo IMG_30571_zpsa7oae6xt.jpg

What I don’t like was the pork siomai. It was served cold, I was expecting it to be warm and the meat itself was stiff. Although affordable, I don’t find the siomai worth of its price, however the mee gooreng was worth it.

It was a not soo satisfying merienda for me. Will I come back? It may not be a satisfying meal, but I wanted to try other noodle dish, the satay and beef rendang, those were my favorite dish back in KL. So, giving a score of 6/10, I would still come back.



Is my boy stage fright?

I saw Zoe dancing while singing ohhh…ohhh…ohhh (in the tune of lady gaga’s roar). I asked him who taught him and he replied it’s teacher Joy. I remember there was a letter from their school informing parents about the upcoming foundation week. So I figured it might be a presentation for that said event. I went searching for the song on youtube and played it and he was smiling upon hearing the song so I asked him to dance for me. After that, he has been practicing at home almost every night.

And then the big day came. I remember how excited he was, he even reminded me to not go to work because I’ll be going with him to the school to watch him perform. I must say that the little man has infused a great on me excitement as well.

Excited as we are, we went to the school on the big day. I can still remember his smiles wearing his blue shirt & white short uniform with high knee socks and poms poms. But…but…but the moment we arrived at the school his mood changes. He started frowning and clinging to me. He refused to join his classmates as they cue for their presentation. I tried convincing him, but he resisted so I bribed him with his favorite toy (he is a big fan of thomas & friend).Thankfully he did, but with a fuss.

I thought it’s going to be fun and he’s going make the moves, but when the music was played, he was just standing still while looking at me as I cover the dance number. A few minutes later, while his classmates are moving in time to the music, he dropped his poms poms. I stepped back from the audience hoping he will eventually dance, but he bawls in tears.

 photo 1F176360-AEBB-43E0-A381-4AB58C0E6BA1_zpsvgvvr4jo.jpg

This is not the first time that he misbehaves in big events. And as a parent, I get a little bit upset about his behavior. Of course every parent would want to see their children full of confidence.  I have been wondering what could be the root cause of this behavior. Perhaps, he is having a hard time coping with the pressure of performing in a big crowd. I don’t know, but I still have to figure out why he is acting like that during big events.

I guess it’s too early to say that my child has stage fright, as much as possible I don’t want to infuse my mind of that thought but really, why do some children has stage fright? How do you handle it?

I Got Note

The little man saw a notepad on my desk while we were reviewing for their final exam. Then he asked me to stop for a while as he has something to write for me. While he requested me to spell the word he writes it on the notepad…

 photo E11C3EFE-229B-4248-8B6C-764416A1D079_zpsxiomaqrn.jpg

And I got my first sweet note from my preschooler…He was baffled as to why the word “mommy” ends with “Y” and so I gave him an “I” instead…

Parenting A Sensitive Toddler

Our youngest Zian is naturally cheerful. He made us laugh most of the time. But, you’ll hear him shrieked whenever his brother took his favorite toy, burst into tears whenever I said no, and sulk whenever I scold him. Sometimes we will just see his tears rolling on his cheeks just because someone did not pay attention to him. There was even a time that he refused to sleep with me after scolding & spanking him. . He’s way too sensitive and obviously, I’m a bit lost on how to handle my son’s emotions.

Yesterday, he shrieked when I refused to let him drink a chocolate drink early in the morning. I let him feel his emotion for a while, after all I have chores to finish. And in a situation like this, I figured out that the more I try to talk him out of his feeling, the more that he will hold on to that feeling. So let it be for a while…

After sulking for a few minutes, he approached me and ask for a bottle of milk instead. At this time he was back to his cheerful self. Then it was my moment to explain what I did. I don’t really know if he understands my point, but all the while, while I’m speaking he was paying attention.

 photo IMG_17881_zpsklpsknyl.jpg

Parenting highly sensitive kids can be exhausting. Sometimes I feel like locking up inside my room and leave them jungled. But that’s not a good idea. As parents we have to train our children in the way they should go. If you have the same challenge, perhaps the following steps might help you, it works with my kids.

Time Out. Give him space for him to feel that overwhelming emotion. Don’t try to take him out from that emotion quickly as it might aggravate the situation. They have the tendency to get even more upset. Let them have some space for a while.

Empathize. This is our way of telling them that we’re in this together. I guess it is significant to them to know that they have someone on their side. And as you empathize, suggests ways on how you both can solve the problem or try to engage him in a new activity.

Affirm. When time out is over, I normally tell my kids the reason why I’m imposing such rule. Then I end by telling them  that I want them to be good because I love them. Affirmation as Dr. Richard Nicastro put it is a relationship glue that helps two people create a deeper bond. Let him know that he is unique and he is loved.

My Version | Squash Fillet Recipe

It seems that our boys are becomming picky eaters especially our youngest Zian. I noticed that his appitete boosts whenever I served processed food. Though I seldom serve it on our meals (except for the classic hotdog & chicken nuggets), I don’t want my kids to endulge on unhealthy food. And that is why I am trying to expand my short recipe list in order to serve nutritious food to my family.

I discover this kid friendly recipe from an officemate whom I shared lunch with. While I was tasting her mom’s squash fillet, in my mind, I thought of  my boys…perhaps they’ll like it. Of course I did not let our lunch end without asking her how her mom made her nutritious baon. I was so glad that she shared her mom’s recipe. So nice of her…

So after a week or so, I decided to try my version of it. Oh by the way, I have been doing a lot of trial & errors in the kitchen these days. This is how I learn and I hope I get my cooking skill  better and better. Of course, the outcome is not always good, but for this recipe I think I did a good mixture….The boys loved it as if they are eating their all time favorite chicken nuggets.

 photo IMG_12481_zpsvdhwunsx.jpg


1/4 kilo of squash
1 small carrot
1 cup ground pork
1 small garlic, minced
1 egg
1/2 cup Bread crumbs
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp pepper


1. In a bowl, mash squash & carrot. You can either boil it then mash or use a blender for an easy mash.
2. Add ground pork, garlic, egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper then mix thoroughly.
3. Scoop a small portion of the mixture then form it into a square shape figure.
4. In a frying pan, fry the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes or until the inside part of the mixture are cooked.
5. Remove froom the frying pan, drain to remove oil, then serve with your favorite sauce.

Women’s free ride on Women’s Day

I was in LRT line 1 on my way home after visiting a wake. I was about to purchase my ticket when I heard the security guard shouting “mga babae wag ng bumili ng ticket”. Then I saw employees entrance gate open & women are entering the station through it. While passing through, I asked the guard why is this so? He replied it’s women’s day and then few minutes after entering the platform, announcement were made. It’s International Women’s week and the LRT management were celebrating it by giving a free ride to all women from 5:00-7:00pm in both Lines 1 & 2. Wow that’s so generous. I seldom get a free ride from a public transport. I can see smiles through many women’s faces and mine as well. Thank you for the free ride and Happy Women’s Week to all ladies!

 photo free_ride_zpsykjv0xtt.jpg
Thank you for the free ride!

UAE School Hunting

For the past few weeks, we have been preparing for our “big move” to Dubai to be with my husband. We have been praying for our family to be together and we are glad that God is slowly showing us a preview to soon be answered prayer.

 photo 8cAEzeAKi_zpsj4j20b5b.jpg
photo from


Part of this preparation is hunting for a preschool for our eldest Zoe. I have been thankful that I have access to internet since most schools in the UAE has its website. Also, KHDA’s (Knowledge & Human Dev’t Authority) 2014 school ranking is really of big help. As expected, tuition fees are expensive and I didn’t expect that school registration starts very early.

Currently, I have been on a virtual tour to some school with in our budget.

United International Private School – This was our first choice since this school offers Philippine Curriculum. Hubby visited the school only to find out that there is a long waiting list for registration. It’s under “acceptable” ranking on KHDA and serves mostly Filipino Families.

The Winsmenster School – Al Ghusais – is our second choice. Under “acceptable” ranking on KHDA and following a UK curriculum. The tuition fee for Foundation Stage is DHS 5,651 (SY 2014-2015). I am not sure if books & uniform is already covered, but school service is not included. This is so far the cheapest Gems school that offers UK
curriculum, and we’re sad knowing that registration is also close.

Gems Winchester – Oud Metha – also under “acceptable” ranking and UK curriculum. The Tuition fee is DHS 9,540 (SY 2014-15). School service fee is not included. A little bit hesitant with this school due to its location.

Apple International School – Al Ghusais – I have been reading negative reviews about this school. Though I have friends who are satisfied with the quality of education they offer. Since it’s only a few minutes drive from our soon to be crib, this school is in our list. Ranks “acceptable”and also following UK curriculum. Tuition fee ranges from DHS 5,963 to 10,951.

Pristine Private School – Al nahda – So far the closest to our place. Under “good” ranking on KHDA and following UK curriculum, so we are making this our first choice for now. Plus, I found a fellow mom blogger over the net who was happy with her son development with PPS. Tuition fee for FS1 is 8,469 and FS2 is 8,994.

Scouting for inexpensive but good quality school in UAE can be a muddle task. If you have toddlers going to school for the first time, make sure you scout early as school registrations filled up fast.