Women’s free ride on Women’s Day

I was in LRT line 1 on my way home after visiting a wake. I was about to purchase my ticket when I heard the security guard shouting “mga babae wag ng bumili ng ticket”. Then I saw employees entrance gate open & women are entering the station through it. While passing through, I asked the guard why is this so? He replied it’s women’s day and then few minutes after entering the platform, announcement were made. It’s International Women’s week and the LRT management were celebrating it by giving a free ride to all women from 5:00-7:00pm in both Lines 1 & 2. Wow that’s so generous. I seldom get a free ride from a public transport. I can see smiles through many women’s faces and mine as well. Thank you for the free ride and Happy Women’s Week to all ladies!

 photo free_ride_zpsykjv0xtt.jpg
Thank you for the free ride!

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