Reading with Dr. Seuss

One of our goals in our first year of homeschooling is for Zoe to be able to read 4 to 5 letters word by the end of 3rd quarter. I’m glad that lately our boys were fascinated by Dr. Seuss stories. Our budding readers would grab the books whenever we hit the bed, and I would read until they fall asleep. Reading together is one of the precious time I love with my boys.

Exposing children to books at an early age will help them familiarize with sounds and words and eventually will boost their interest with books. It stimulate their immagination and eventually build literacy .

Currently we have a few collection of Dr. Seuss’ books. They love The Cat in the Hat and also want to build a circus mcgurcus from If a ran a Circus.

 photo 4836c5e9-fe44-4e01-bc0c-ce3b30b5a9f4_zpsjdpcervg.jpg

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