Book Review | Let’s Learn Phonics

I have been looking for a good phonics kit for my toddlers. I have read good reviews about Sing Spell Read & Write. I was contemplating of getting our copy and called the C&E publishing last month to ask if they still have the Sing Spell Read and Write kit only to be told it’s already out of stock. Last month while looking for a good bedtime story book at National Bookstore, I saw this “Let’s Learn Phonics” book by apple publishing international. I did not hesitate to purchase it.

 photo c9aa3109-55bd-4edd-9475-ac126648f837_zpsb7fub4uo.jpg

The book cost 169 pesos. It starts with short sounds, to long sounds and letter combination sound. The book has distinctive colors and also highlighted the letter sound to make it more appealing to children and for easy identification.

I bought this book last month, and I already saw improvements in my son’s reading. This has been mommy’s best friend in teaching my children to read. Our youngest Zian is slowly learning phonics. I believe that it’s worth investing in a phonics books. So if if you are teaching your child to read go phonetics. Learning phonics will help a child improves word-recognition and reading ability.

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