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Z is for Zebra! Having had finished letter B, the boys were expecting letter C next in line. I originally planned covering it chronologically, but after further researched, I found out that it would be more interesting for the children if we introduce first the letter of their names. So, we jumped from C to Z which is the first letter of my boys’ name. Since, I purposely initiated this activity for our youngest Zian, we will beĀ ensuing his name for the coming week.

Here’s how our letter Z week went. This time most of our worksheets were from The Measured Mom. I used the level 1 worksheets for Zian and the level 2 worksheets for Zoe. Thanks a lot for those free printable!


Practice counting and identifying numbers.
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How many zoo animals are there? I asked them to circle the correct number.


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Here, they are matching the zoo animals to their shadows.

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And then the pattern activity. Encircling the animal that comes next. They also had concept of size and classification of things activities.

Language Art

Tracing the giant Z in upper and lower case.

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We also did one of the classics, identifying pictures that begin with letter Z, by coloring the picture and writing the missing letter.

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Z is for Zipper! Decorating Z with zipper print outs.

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We were suppose to do a field trip to the zoo, but it was raining almost the whole week.

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