The little Z’s on the shore of UAE

Beach is not an ideal place in a country that hits a temperature up to 40+ degree celsius. But we wanted to let my brother in law whose in the town for a short vacation to experience the beach in UAE and see the famous and iconic Burj al Arab.

We planned to leave the house at 5:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, we all woke up the same time we planned to leave. So we reached the beach around 8 in the morning. It was a good thing that the sun was not yet blazing so the boys with their uncle and grandma managed to play and swim on the beach of UAE for the first time.

 photo 11870789_10152975228867026_4431646890833527368_n_zpsz3d7gx6j.jpg

It’s just sad that we cannot stay any longer, as it would not be good for the little ones.

No Short Pants, Please…

The kids wanted to visit the park near our area. So last Saturday we decided to finally visit the park with our boys. The park is just 10-15 minutes walk from our place. The boys were in their comfy attire while I was wearing a white shirt and a walking shorts just an inch above the knee.

When we reached the park, the boys were excited upon seeing the slides. And as we entered, a man called up my attention and told me that short pants are not allowed inside the park…oh I thought it was no longer that conservative in Sharjah so I was comfortably walking around public place in short pants (but not that short naman.) So it was only my three boys who had fun in the park. I went shopping at the small department store opposite the park.

When I first arrived UAE 8 years ago, we first stayed in Sharjah before transferring to Dubai. So I know that women are not allowed to wear short pants in public places. I just didn’t know that it is still strictly implemented in some public place here in Sharjah. This emirate is still more conservative compared to Dubai…so that served as a reminder to me…no short pants in public places like park.

Reduce Travel Tax for OFW Dependents

Are you travelling the world from the Philippines? One thing that you need to settle before leaving the country is the travel tax. I know, many Filipinos including me wish that this tax should not be imposed to travelers. But it has been implemented even before I was born.

So what is really a travel tax? According to Tieza’s website, is a levy imposed by the Philippine government on individuals who are leaving the Philippines, as provided for by Presidential Decree (PD) 1183. A full travel tax for first class passenger is PhP2,700.00 and PhP1,620.00 for economy class. For an average Filipino like me, it’s quite pricey. Overseas Filipino Workers, diplomats and airline crew members are exempted from paying travel tax. For complete list of travel tax exemption visit Tieza’s website.

For OFW dependents did you know that you can apply for a reduce tax? I have applied for this before, when me and my son was traveling to Kuala Lumpur three years ago. And now, we’re able to avail this privilege again. A standard reduced travel tax for dependents of OFW is, PhP 810.00. To apply for a reduced travel tax for OFW dependents, just present the original copy of the OFW’s overseas employment certificate, marriage contract if you are a spouse of an OFW and birth certificate for children of OFW. You may apply at the airport on the day of your flight, or apply ahead at TIEZA central office 142 amorsolo st. legaspi village makati city, behind makati cinema square.

For those asking for senior citizen discount, unfortunately their is no reduce travel tax for our elders. We were traveling with my mother inlaw, and she paid full travel tax.




A New Beginning

It has been a hasty days for the last couple of weeks. The house repainting, the packing of things and few bank errands that needs to be squeezed in less than two week before leaving for UAE. Up until our last few hours in Manila, I felt exhausted, blame it to the heavy traffic in Manila, I should have listened to my sister inlaw’s suggestion to leave the house 7 hours before our departure. Normally, if there is no traffic it will only take 30 to 45 minutes drive from our place to the airport. When we arrived at the departure lounge, their was already a long cue for boarding. Thank goodness I was traveling with my kids, so we were able to use the priority lane and boarded the plane with ease.

Yes we are embracing a new beginning somewhere where there is vast dessert and scorching heat. I am so thankful to the Lord for making this happen for our family. Being with your loved one is an incomparable happiness. Although there is a sad part of me, leaving a dear sister behind, we will always be grateful of the Lord for this answered prayer.

 photo new-beginnings-3_zpsrnpa03f5.jpg

There is so much to look forward here. I have lived in the UAE 8 years ago, and I know how to live here as an expat. But having a family with two kids onboard in a foreign land, is a lot different than what I have experienced 8 years ago. A granted new beginning, with great responsibilities is a little bit scary. But I won’t give in to that fear, having known that God is always with us. He granted this for a purpose, and whatever comes along the journey, I believe that He will carry us through. I chose to be positive. I believe that it is God who gives me courage, that whatever may come along these new beginning, I will always see His goodness in our lives. Thank you Lord!

Thank You Lord!

 photo 11825743_10152957990327026_3967423903498926155_n_zpslvbsiw6u.jpg
You are faithful to your promises Lord! I am grateful and thankful for answering our long time prayer.
We will continue to trust and honor You our God! Thank You!

Grabbed Books from Book for Less Sale

Who doesn’t want to save from books? I’m just one thrifty mama, who’d like to cut cost on books. So, I went to visit the Book for Less warehouse sale in Pasig. Second hand books, in mint condition were sold for 20 pesos each. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that our boys, are beginning to appreciate books, and we have start building their mini library.  I manage to get few books for their library and I hope they’ll enjoy it.

 photo A8EA71CE-F67A-4CFC-82EE-FBFB9C9519BC_zpst7qg3xac.jpg

If you have not yet visited the warehouse sale, it’s up, until the end of August. They are located at 643 Mercedes Avenue, Brgy., San Miguel Pasig City, just in front of Laconsolacion College.