Grabbed Books from Book for Less Sale

Who doesn’t want to save from books? I’m just one thrifty mama, who’d like to cut cost on books. So, I went to visit the Book for Less warehouse sale in Pasig. Second hand books, in mint condition were sold for 20 pesos each. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that our boys, are beginning to appreciate books, and we have start building their mini library.  I manage to get few books for their library and I hope they’ll enjoy it.

 photo A8EA71CE-F67A-4CFC-82EE-FBFB9C9519BC_zpst7qg3xac.jpg

If you have not yet visited the warehouse sale, it’s up, until the end of August. They are located at 643 Mercedes Avenue, Brgy., San Miguel Pasig City, just in front of Laconsolacion College.

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