A New Beginning

It has been a hasty days for the last couple of weeks. The house repainting, the packing of things and few bank errands that needs to be squeezed in less than two week before leaving for UAE. Up until our last few hours in Manila, I felt exhausted, blame it to the heavy traffic in Manila, I should have listened to my sister inlaw’s suggestion to leave the house 7 hours before our departure. Normally, if there is no traffic it will only take 30 to 45 minutes drive from our place to the airport. When we arrived at the departure lounge, their was already a long cue for boarding. Thank goodness I was traveling with my kids, so we were able to use the priority lane and boarded the plane with ease.

Yes we are embracing a new beginning somewhere where there is vast dessert and scorching heat. I am so thankful to the Lord for making this happen for our family. Being with your loved one is an incomparable happiness. Although there is a sad part of me, leaving a dear sister behind, we will always be grateful of the Lord for this answered prayer.

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There is so much to look forward here. I have lived in the UAE 8 years ago, and I know how to live here as an expat. But having a family with two kids onboard in a foreign land, is a lot different than what I have experienced 8 years ago. A granted new beginning, with great responsibilities is a little bit scary. But I won’t give in to that fear, having known that God is always with us. He granted this for a purpose, and whatever comes along the journey, I believe that He will carry us through. I chose to be positive. I believe that it is God who gives me courage, that whatever may come along these new beginning, I will always see His goodness in our lives. Thank you Lord!

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