No Short Pants, Please…

The kids wanted to visit the park near our area. So last Saturday we decided to finally visit the park with our boys. The park is just 10-15 minutes walk from our place. The boys were in their comfy attire while I was wearing a white shirt and a walking shorts just an inch above the knee.

When we reached the park, the boys were excited upon seeing the slides. And as we entered, a man called up my attention and told me that short pants are not allowed inside the park…oh I thought it was no longer that conservative in Sharjah so I was comfortably walking around public place in short pants (but not that short naman.) So it was only my three boys who had fun in the park. I went shopping at the small department store opposite the park.

When I first arrived UAE 8 years ago, we first stayed in Sharjah before transferring to Dubai. So I know that women are not allowed to wear short pants in public places. I just didn’t know that it is still strictly implemented in some public place here in Sharjah. This emirate is still more conservative compared to Dubai…so that served as a reminder to me…no short pants in public places like park.

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