Things you should not do at the Dubai Metro

I was at the metro yesterday when suddenly  a lady from RTA came and check “nol” cards. While she was checking, she was talking to the lady on my front. I can’t understand what they’re talking since they were speaking Arabic, but the tone of their voice seems like they are arguing of something. Then, the RTA lady point to a sign printed on the wall of the train. It turned out that the lady passenger was chewing a gum while on board, which is prohibited. She was then apprehended and most likely would be fined.

Everyday I use the metro, but I don’t really know all the stuff that are prohibited inside the train except those that are printed on the walls. Do you know?

So I did a research and thought of sharing it. Read on, to learn about the things you shouldn’t do while on board theDubai.

  • Operating or using any security or safety system such as the emergency exits unless it is essential to do so – Dhs 2000
  • Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of public transport modes – Dhs 500
  • Using of fake Nol Cards – Dhs 500
  • Sleeping in passenger shelters or prohibited areas – Dhs 300
  • Parking vehicles in the metro Park and Ride facilities for more than 48 hours – Dhs 250
  • The use of public transport modes and services, or entering/exiting the fare zones without paying the prescribed fare – Dhs 200
  • Failure to comply with the instructions or disrupting the business of RTA inspectors or persons authorized by the RTA – Dhs 200
  • Failing to present the unified card on demand, using a third party card, using an expired /invalid card, and selling a unified card without prior permit from the RTA – Dhs 200
  • Spitting, littering or performing any act that can pollute the public transport means – Dhs 200
  • Smoking on board public transport means or within public transport premises or services – Dhs 200
  • Carrying dangerous materials on board public transport means, facilities and services such as weapons, sharp objects, and inflammable materials – Dhs 200
  • Carrying of alcoholic drinks – Dhs 200
  • Selling goods & commodities on board public transport means – Dhs 200
  • Impacting the public transport driver by any action or behaviour capable of detracting the attention of the driver or blocking the driver’s visibility during driving (for the RTA buses) – Dhs 200
  • Causing inconvenience to the users of public transport means, facilities & services or impacting their comfort by any means – Dhs 100
  • Using the lifts or escalators in an inappropriate manner – Dhs 100
  • Climbing or jumping over public transport facilities or services – Dhs 100
  • Using public transport means, facilities and services contrary to the instructions stipulated by the RTA and displayed on the directional signs – Dhs 100
  • Undermining the convenience of public transport users in any form – Dhs 100
  • Entering or sitting in places designated for special categories – Dhs 100
  • Eating & drinking at prohibited places – Dhs 100
  • Opening the door or exiting a public transport means while it is moving between stations and stops – Dhs 100
  • Accompanying pets inside public transport means, facilities and services except for guidance dogs used b visually-impaired travelers – Dhs 100
  • Carrying or using materials/ equipment that may cause inconvenience to other passengers or undermine their safety – Dhs 100
  • Standing / sitting on any part of public transport means, facilities or services not designated for passenger use – Dhs 100
  • Placing the feet on seats – Dhs 100
  • Parking of vehicles at the metro park and ride facilities for more than 24 hours – Dhs 100                                  source:

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