Homeschooling | First Assessment

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Had our first homeschool assessment and I am just happy to share that my homeschooled kindergarten did well. I have been conditioning him the past few days, so he will not get shaggy come assessment day, and I’m so glad that it worked. He even initiated of showing his portfolio to our Family Consultant. Knowing my son, who is showing introversion at his age, made me really a happy homeschooling mom. Oh, we forgot to take our snap photo.

It was also a happy discovery, knowing that we are on the right track in our homeschooling. Being a first time homeschooler is not easy (and I think it can never be easy) it made me wary at times as to whether we are doing the right thing or not. I’m just so grateful hearing a positive feedback from our family consultant, likewise I am thankful for inspiring and encouraging to make our homeschooling fun and even better every day. Oh, thank you God for the wisdom and strength!

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