How about Ukulele Son?

A friend asked me if I am interested of enrolling my children to a ukulele class. Well, I’d like to, but I’ll have to ask my children first before doing so. Zoe has been showing his interest on drums lately, but how about ukulele son? I cannot force them to learn a musical instrument without their interest.

 photo ukulele_zpsbjhcrogy.png
Art by Cyclopsette

Having thought of this, I wonder where in UAE I can buy a ukulele. Back home, I can always drop by our favorite music store near our area to check availability. In UAE, I haven’t personally visited a music store since coming here four months ago. But Google has given me a few stores around the city. Good thing is that most stores offers online service so I can just schedule for ukulele pickup once my children has decided to learn ukulele. I really want them to learn music instruments, that’s why I am exposing them early to music instrument.

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