Introduction to Odd and Even Numbers

I employed the Montessori approach of teaching my preschoolers odd and even numbers. I’ve used what’s available in the box, our diy number cards from our teen board and counters which I have purchased before for 4 dirhams. Before teaching odd & even numbers a child should know at least numbers 1-10.

 photo 2cfa9e53-7bde-4f96-9e35-aed5bf943402_zpszv0nqchv.jpg

This is how we did it. I asked them to set up the number cards and place the corresponding counters. When all the counters were laid out, I point to single counter, which is numeral 1 and point out its and “odd”. Then I point to the numeral 2 which has a pair of counters and say this is “even”. Continue the process to 10. Help the child understand that “even” is pair while “odd” is not. Then ask them to show you which is odd or even.

This is an easy and concrete way of teaching them this lesson. If you need more infos, google the lesson and you will find bunch of tutorials on how to present this to children.

Few Things to Consider when Buying a Property

Buying a property is a huge decision on your part. After all, you will be spending a considerable amount of money on this type of purchase. In fact, buying a home is usually the most significant purchase that a person makes in his or her life. Therefore, a great deal of thought should go into it. This is definitely not a decision that you want to make in haste. There are many things that you need to consider when you are making a purchase of this magnitude. Here are a few things to do when buying real estate.

1. Think about the location

Location is one of the most critical factors in the world of real estate. Many people who make their living in this industry would say that it is the most important factor. You need to do some research regarding the surrounding area that a house is located in if you are very serious about buying it. For example, you should find out the quality of the local school system if you have children. What type of supermarkets and malls are available in the area? What is the local crime rate? Basically, you need to ask yourself if you will be able to enjoy living in that particular area for the foreseeable future. Also, the location will have a huge impact on the resale value of your home. You must never forget that your home is a huge investment. You want to get the biggest return possible on that investment if you ever sell the home.

2. Will it need to be remodeled?

You should also ask yourself if any of the waterfront homes for sale Lake Wylie will need to be renovated or improved in any way if you decide to buy one of them. Renovations can become very costly projects. Ideally, you want to avoid getting started with a costly renovation after you have just paid a considerable amount for the house.

3. Get a home inspection

Getting a professional home inspection should be standard procedure if you are serious about buying a home and you are ready to make an offer. The inspection is always an important thing to have done because you will be able to find out any flaws in the home that the seller neglected to tell you about. You can then tell the seller to have these things repaired or you will not make on offer.

The State of Matter – Kindergarten

I introduced the State of Matter to my children last month. Yes, this is quite a late post. Anyway, let me share to you today how our lesson went.

We started our lesson with a chant.

“matter, matter, solid, liquid, gas.
matter, matter, solid, liquid, gas.
matter, matter, they are everywhere!”.

Reciting the chant made it easy for them to remember the three state of matter. Then we talked about the state of matter. I placed an example in a zip lock bag and have them examined it. I got this idea from Little Miss Hood’s Adventures in Kindergarten.

 photo IMG_51061_zpss5dmws3x.jpg

The boys were excited seeing liquid with different colors in the zip lock bag. They savor the minutes of scrutinizing the samples.
 photo IMG_51071_zps2pscvm02.jpg
And then experimenting how matters changes its state while reciting the chant again and again.
 photo IMG_52101_zps1quikqgj.jpg

 photo IMG_52071_zps6wgfxiyu.jpg

I think the boys had fun experimenting with matter.