The State of Matter – Kindergarten

I introduced the State of Matter to my children last month. Yes, this is quite a late post. Anyway, let me share to you today how our lesson went.

We started our lesson with a chant.

“matter, matter, solid, liquid, gas.
matter, matter, solid, liquid, gas.
matter, matter, they are everywhere!”.

Reciting the chant made it easy for them to remember the three state of matter. Then we talked about the state of matter. I placed an example in a zip lock bag and have them examined it. I got this idea from Little Miss Hood’s Adventures in Kindergarten.

 photo IMG_51061_zpss5dmws3x.jpg

The boys were excited seeing liquid with different colors in the zip lock bag. They savor the minutes of scrutinizing the samples.
 photo IMG_51071_zps2pscvm02.jpg
And then experimenting how matters changes its state while reciting the chant again and again.
 photo IMG_52101_zps1quikqgj.jpg

 photo IMG_52071_zps6wgfxiyu.jpg

I think the boys had fun experimenting with matter.


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