Rediscovering Myself through Homeschooling

We hit the year end and we survived our first year of homeschooling. Throughout our first year of homeschooling, I get to know myself more and grateful that I can do things I thought I am not capable of doing. So allow me to share it with you.

Through homeschooling, I discover that:

I can teach. I just feel accomplished after having completed our first year in homeschooling. I remember being asked by a friend if it is possible to educate my children even if I am not a teacher. The answer is Yes, we can educate our children without even having a teaching degree. I learned that commitment and perseverance are more important than a teaching degree. Likewise, trusting & believing that God will walk me thru this journey has fueled my determination.

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Just a little info, for those who are considering homeschooling, please know that homeschooling in the Philippines is legal and protected by article 14, Section 1(2) of the Philippine constitution, stating that the government should establish and maintain a system of free public education in the elementary and high school levels without limiting the natural right of parents to rear their children.

Feeling Artist. When my father noticed my inclination towards arts, I was never convinced. And because of that, it was never honed. Now, I’ve spotted that artsy side in me. And because we are homeschooling, I teach arts to my kids and I get to nourish it, though at a snail-paced. Ohh…Thanks to the bunch of arts activities/ideas available online.

Got the crafty side, I think...I remember a mommy friend who was skeptical on homeschooling because she feels she is not as crafty and creative. That’s what I knew about myself before diving into this journey. I am not creative at all. But you know what? My determination and intentions in homeschooling brought this little side of me. There is really a way if you’ve got the will. The good thing these days, is that there are a bunch of creative inspirations online.

Somehow improved patience. I am not really generous with patience. I have been praying to improve in this area. And you know what? God definitely hears & answers prayers. He allowed me to be in situation where He can test my patience and most of the time it happens during homeschool hours.

I’m thankful to my Creator for allowing me to discover those traits inside me and most of all so thankful for giving me such skills. All glory to You my God!…

To balance it out, I also discover that I needed to:

Be more organized. It resonates on my mind as we approached yearend. I needed lots of organization. Disrupting schedule is sometimes inevitable, but I figured that we should immediately make up for the lessons missed.

Make more quality time with the Lord. I get too busy at times juggling work & homeschooling. The tendency is to sometimes neglect my quiet time. I have to be honest, that diving to our homeschool session without my time with the Lord often gets chaotic – I loose temper easily. The result is a mussed up & unproductive day. This is definitely  a much needed time for it is only by His Grace that I can do this.

This year, i’m looking forward of more discoveries and learning along side my kids.


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