What’s on your Name?

I have been contemplating writing about this topic years ago, but it didn’t happen until today, as we are touching nouns on language arts subject. One of the goals is to let the student understand what name is. I printed their names, and have them colored it. But before they do, I let them know the meaning of their names.

When I conceived to our eldest son, picking out a good name was not easy. I was like, it should sound good, distinctive and most of all meaningful. Baby’s name is significant. It’s not only a huge part of their being but, will also help shape how they’ll perceive themselves and how others will think about them. So before picking out your baby’s name, think of it carefully, make sure you and your spouse will do a research before you decide.

My husband and I thought of giving our children a name whose meaning will impact their lives. Our eldest name is Zoe Yechekiel. Zoe was taken from his dad’s name, which means life. Yechekiel is from the hebrew name Yechezqel, which means God strengthens. So his name will translate to “A life that God strengthens.” Zian on the other hand has a first name Zian Emmanuel. Zian means Peace, Emmanuel means God with us, when combine, its Peace! God with us.

 photo 23a8904a-6f07-4311-85b7-045cb3874c53_zpsomn70drj.jpg

Names are more than just names. They all have meanings. So be careful in picking out ones’ name. Don’t ever give your child a name that will be a cause for derision. Let’s bless our children with a good & meaningful names.

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