Zian Turned Four

We had a simple celebration of our youngest son Zian 4th birthday as he requested.

 photo 49276588-367E-45BC-BFC2-C5A851EAA987_zpsx339rwdn.jpg

He was asked where he want to celebrate his first birthday in Dubai, and his proud answer was “at home”. I think this little man, will soon grow up thrifty. As requested, few close friends came to celebrate with us, and it made our little bubbly boy happy seeing friends around and be part of his day. Our tiny bubbly boy turned four, and he officially became a preschooler, he is an addition to my homeschoolers.

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Along with this simple celebration, I desire that this little man will grow up loving and honoring God in his life, and that he will excel in the gifting that his creator has poured into him.

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Happy Birthday Zian! We love you little man!

From My Heart to the Heaven | Sending Greetings

I wonder if people in heaven are still blowing candles and singing birthday song. Will our age grow in number? Are we even going to remember the date we said hello to the world? I think nobody knows, until we get there. I’m not even sure if it is written in the Bible.

Anyway, back to the real world. Today, my mind wanders as my father, whom have gone to be with Jesus, marks his supposedly 62nd birthday. It is sad celebrating this day without his presence, which we missed. But I don’t want to be melancholic because I know that God was never wrong taking him “home”. Though pain sometimes creep in, but I chose to believe that you are in a much better place.

So today, I would like to celebrate and remember his life – life was tough for us, but he chose to persevere for us to have a good life. I hope you could see up there that we are living the life that you desired for us to live. Had you not willingly chose to be a good & a loving father to us, my sister and I, would never become what we are today. Your legacy will remain in my heart, and I will pass it on to my children. Though they only have a handful memories of you, your legacy will live on in your grandchildren, because you have intentionally gave us a promising start.

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Thank you for everything. Your physical presence may not be here with us, but you are always here, here in my heart. Please know that You are always loved Tatay. From my heart to the heaven, Happy Birthday to the greatest man of my life. I forever miss you!

Bits of Swirls | A Van Gogh Art Activity for Preschoolers

My kids giggles once they knew they’ll be doing arts. Same thing goes with the group of kids I teach at kids church. They scream in excitement once we’re about to do arts activity. Kids just love arts!

Recently, I stumbled upon the works of Vincent Van Gogh, to which I was fascinated. The starry night & The Wheat Field with Cypresses were my favorites. And so, inspired by those two, I decided to let the kids do some Van Gogh inspired arts. I love the whirling bright clouds of his Starry Night art, so the kids had worked on swirls in this activity.

 photo IMG_5376.jpg

 photo IMG_5373.jpg

This is an easy artwork for preschoolers. You only need, acrylic or poster colors, paint brush, fork and construction paper or oslo paper.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose and paint your background, then let it dry.

2. Sketch your artwork idea. (landscape, object etc.)
2. Decide what colors to use. If you are using poster color, try mixing it with glue to thicken.
4. Paint, then use fork or the end of the brush to create patterns.
5. Hang & dry.

I love the result, and the creative time with my boys.
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A Mother’s Note on Mother’s Day

Honoring the Mother’s today. Hooray to the beautiful, courageous & most loving being in the universe!

I am truly blessed, that God entrusted me two wonderful bubbly boys who gave me the right to be called Mom – a tough, yet heartening and gratifying role in my existence. I am glad that I took this path.

 photo IMG_5715_zps496kwcse.jpg
The road may not always be smooth, sure there were bumps along the way and I’m sure there are more, but for the last 5 years, it has been a pleasant and memorable journey. Those bumps, had made me the kind of mom I am today. For that, I will continue the journey as long as I can. I may not be the ideal mom though, but I will always try to give my best shot on mothering my kids.

Happy Mother’s day to all moms in the world!

Getting Trained on the Newest Technology for Your Company

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You may be aware of all of the technological inventions out there on the market today. You may want to use some of these innovations in your own company and in your company’s computer systems, but hesitate because you are not the most proficient when it comes to utilizing software and programs like those available now. Rather than let such a technological opportunity pass you by, you may take advantage of these inventions by allowing someone else to train you on how to use them properly.

Discovering the Array of Programs and Software on the Market

You may not have been aware of the programs and software available to you on the market today. Although you may have a general idea from reading trade literature or talking with your peers in the business world, you might want to know more about each option like Sage 100 support and other programs in-depth. When you go to the website, you can use the links at the top of the site to find out each option’s name and what it can do for you and your business. The links provide details that let you know for what general purpose each program or software serves and in what way it can be implemented at your business.

You can also sign you and your staff up for training by using the training link at the top of the site. The training link shows you a calendar that you can consider and find an available date that matches your own calendar. You can likewise find out the locations where the training will take place so that you can choose a location that is closest and most convenient for you and your staff.

Resources and Support

You can get a head start on your training by using the resources link on the website to read more about the programs and software and how these innovations can be utilized in your business. You can get details about the proper use and also some idea of these inventions’ history and implementations elsewhere.

The company also has a support link that you can utilize to get help with your questions or concerns. The links put you in touch with someone from the company if you want to email or call.

Technology can be easy to use if you undergo the right training. You can get that instruction by going online today.

Finding Healthcare Providers Using Online Resources

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Ensuring the health of you and your unborn baby requires that you secure the services of a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist. When you wonder what providers in your area are currently taking patients and can offer the level of service you want and need, you can go online to the medical facility’s website to search for a provider like a midwife, primary care doctor, or OBGYN in Northwest Houston and elsewhere in the metro area. The website is set up to be easy to use and accessible at all times. You can start your provider search at any time during your early pregnancy.

Drop Down Menus and More

When you first visit the website, you may notice two drop down menus near the top of the page. The menus include the name of providers in the center and also the specialties available for patients. If you know you want an obstetrician and a gynecologist, you can use the drop down menu for the specialties and select the OBGYN option. This menu will then narrow the search so that you can search for doctors who practice in that specialty.

If you know the name of the doctor you would like to visit during your pregnancy, you can search for his or her name using the other drop down menu for providers. The names of the doctors are listed by last name in alphabetical order. You can select the doctor or doctors that most interest you for your care.

If you are unsure of what specialty or doctor you need, you can also call the facility and ask for some guidance. The directory service can direct you to the appropriate department in the facility that may best suit your healthcare needs.

Other Patient Services

After you find a provider to take you on as a patient, you can then set up a patient account and start managing your care from the website. The first thing you might do is fill out your contact information like your address, phone number, email address, and next of kin details.

You also can include your insurance information and any payment details you would like the facility to have on hand for you. You likewise can print off paperwork and fill it out before your first appointment.

You can find doctors to care for you during pregnancy online. The drop down menus and other resources simplify your search.

Homeschooling Support Group

I become a member of a homeschool group even before we dive into this journey. In that group, although it was virtual, I saw how homeschooling parents, especially the veterans, unselfishly shares their experience in homeschooling. That small act serves as an encouragement to newbie homeschoolers like me. They were willing to help even if it cost them time and money sometimes. I remember a mom who organizes a storytelling event for the little one for free. And a homeschooling mom in US who took an errand to buy homeschool materials for few homeschool moms in the Philippines, and generously accommodated it into their luggage to transport it to the Philippines. (Some parents chose to buy materials from US and it would be a lot of savings if they know someone who can bring it to Philippines instead of hiring the service of shipping companies.) Small acts of kindness yet, it blesses people. That, I think, is one definition of a support group.

When I attended the Homeschool 101 in TMA, they have also emphasized the importance of having a support group or what they call a coop. So, when we arrived here in UAE, along with our adjustment, I immediately look for a homeschooling group. I found a multi-cultural homeschooling group for Dubai and northern emirates. And then later on, we came up with an all Filipino homeschool group in UAE, that aims to encourage & inspire homeschooling parents across the emirates. It’s good to know that our family is not alone in this journey. God brought these families, including us, in this part of the world and orchestrated our paths to cross. Indeed, no homeschool family is meant to be an island.
 photo IMG_58901_zps54snbsgb.jpg

I have gotten to meet these homeschooling families recently. Not all were officially homeschooling, there were two families who are considering homeschooling their kids, and I’m glad they came to hear our experiences & suggestions. I hope they were encouraged. There were also some who weren’t able to come due to prior commitments and unexpected events. Nevertheless, it was great hearing and sharing our homeschooling experience here in UAE. Looking forward for more meetings and upcoming events for our kids.