Homeschooling Support Group

I become a member of a homeschool group even before we dive into this journey. In that group, although it was virtual, I saw how homeschooling parents, especially the veterans, unselfishly shares their experience in homeschooling. That small act serves as an encouragement to newbie homeschoolers like me. They were willing to help even if it cost them time and money sometimes. I remember a mom who organizes a storytelling event for the little one for free. And a homeschooling mom in US who took an errand to buy homeschool materials for few homeschool moms in the Philippines, and generously accommodated it into their luggage to transport it to the Philippines. (Some parents chose to buy materials from US and it would be a lot of savings if they know someone who can bring it to Philippines instead of hiring the service of shipping companies.) Small acts of kindness yet, it blesses people. That, I think, is one definition of a support group.

When I attended the Homeschool 101 in TMA, they have also emphasized the importance of having a support group or what they call a coop. So, when we arrived here in UAE, along with our adjustment, I immediately look for a homeschooling group. I found a multi-cultural homeschooling group for Dubai and northern emirates. And then later on, we came up with an all Filipino homeschool group in UAE, that aims to encourage & inspire homeschooling parents across the emirates. It’s good to know that our family is not alone in this journey. God brought these families, including us, in this part of the world and orchestrated our paths to cross. Indeed, no homeschool family is meant to be an island.
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I have gotten to meet these homeschooling families recently. Not all were officially homeschooling, there were two families who are considering homeschooling their kids, and I’m glad they came to hear our experiences & suggestions. I hope they were encouraged. There were also some who weren’t able to come due to prior commitments and unexpected events. Nevertheless, it was great hearing and sharing our homeschooling experience here in UAE. Looking forward for more meetings and upcoming events for our kids.

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