Zian Turned Four

We had a simple celebration of our youngest son Zian 4th birthday as he requested.

 photo 49276588-367E-45BC-BFC2-C5A851EAA987_zpsx339rwdn.jpg

He was asked where he want to celebrate his first birthday in Dubai, and his proud answer was “at home”. I think this little man, will soon grow up thrifty. As requested, few close friends came to celebrate with us, and it made our little bubbly boy happy seeing friends around and be part of his day. Our tiny bubbly boy turned four, and he officially became a preschooler, he is an addition to my homeschoolers.

 photo AC8CCA97-00B0-4416-8CC0-39A1DA9DBD36_zpscps2egjz.jpg

Along with this simple celebration, I desire that this little man will grow up loving and honoring God in his life, and that he will excel in the gifting that his creator has poured into him.

 photo C91FE7D6-348B-4FDF-818E-79BCFF58619B_zpsmgmw1iyp.jpg

Happy Birthday Zian! We love you little man!

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