Making the Most of Your Garden

Planting a summer garden? Want bold colours, unique floral arrangements, and something that will truly stand out? These are a few simple tips to really make your garden pop, and draw attention to your outdoor garden area this summer season.

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Plant for the weather 
No matter where you live, make sure you know the flowers will bloom there. Make sure you know the vegetables are going to grow in that region. Make sure you know which plants can withstand the weather in your region. Doing a bit of research allows you to properly plant, grow, and plan out the space, so it looks good and will thrive.

Go with colour 
Don’t simply throw in every colour under the sun however; instead, plan around your decor. Depending on the garden items, furniture, and arrangements you have in place, you can make a truly unique space. Further, you can bring out the bold, and something that is going to stand out in the garden area.

Properly plant 
This means don’t simply stick the plants, trees, and perennials in the ground and hope they’ll grow. Instead, do the research. How much water is needed? Can you plant certain plants next to one another? How much space is needed for plants, trees, and vegetables to grow and flourish? The more you know, and the more you plan in advance, the greater the results and the more the garden is going to grow and flourish when you are planting it.

With a big or small space, you can really make the garden stand out. If you want to ensure it thrives, grows, and flourishes to produce the exceptional outdoor space you hope to enjoy this summer, these are some simple tips to get you started, whether you are new to gardening, or have planned out a summer garden for the past several years. If you would like some advice from a professional you could always hire a reliable gardener.

Cancelling Husband-sponsored Visa in UAE

Recently, my husband and I went to General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Al Manara Branch (near noor bank metro station) to cancel my visa under my husband sponsorship, in order for my company to initiate the processing of my employment visa.

GDRFA opens at 7:30 in the morning. Be sure to be there ahead of time so you’ll be first in line. The cancelation process was swift, as long as you have all the requirements needed. Below are the requirements needed to process the cancellation.

Passport & Visa page copy of the sponsor
Original Passport of the sponsored
Emirates ID of the sponsored
Copy of application form prepared by Typing agent.

1. Have your application typed by typing agent nearest you. Tell them you are going to cancel your visa. It costs us 100.00 dirham. They will give you a copy of application form for you to submit to GDRFA.

2. With all the requirements given above, the sponsor should go to the nearest GDRFA to process the cancellation. It is not necessary for the sponsored party to appear in person at the GDRFA. It took us less than 2 hours to process the cancellation, but it depends on how long the cue is.  They will give you 2 copies of signed cancellation application, and the visa page on your passport will be stamped cancelled, and you have to surrender your emirates ID as well.
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A 30 days allowance will be given to you to apply for a new visa under your employer sponsorship.


Kandinsky Art for Kinders

We moved to a new place and our boys found new friends, so for this art lesson, which is an extension of our color-wheel lesson, we did it with their new friends. Using the primary colors, we did our version of Kandinsky Circle.

 photo 712AACB1-6BFD-4F9B-AEA0-58DA2EEBC50A_zpsfyefqmce.jpg

For this activity, we used, white oslo paper, poster colors – red, blue & yellow, & brush paints.The painting begins, by drawing 8 squares. We divided the paper lengthwise, by drawing a horizontal line using color yellow, then drawing 3 vertical lines to achieve 8 squares. Once there are 8 squares, then, the fun begins.

 photo 52A38B2A-313C-42E8-A5DF-A1499224ED9C_zpstarur2vu.jpg

The kids then draw circle on all the squares. I instructed them the color to be used in each circle and they followed. I have set a few rules before we start the activity and emphasized that it is important to follow instructions and they were cooperating well. But as we go along, they started mixing colors. My youngest Zian, even end up choosing his own colors. But not a biggie. I just let them explore the colors, It’s art after all.  It’s fun, then you’ll see the result are lovely.


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A Guide on Buying Furniture through a Catalogue

Buying furniture through online catalogues is a good way to save. With this in mind, it doesn’t always allow you to see the actual items, sit on them, test comfort levels, and test quality. But, you can still find great items, for less, and these are a few ways to go about doing so when buying furniture through catalogue sites.

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Read the terms

Not only payment and finance terms, but the quality of items, the condition it is in, what to do if there is damage upon delivery, and so forth. You are doing yourself a disservice by not doing so. Make sure you are fully aware of terms, conditions, and what you are buying into, when financing items.

Read the details 

Make sure you know what you are getting. Again, is it 100% leather? Is the dining set made of mahogany wood? Is it a full set, or do you have to buy the side tables individually? Knowing what you are buying, as well as what comes with your order, is key to buying and finding the true deals.

Know the shipping and financing options 

Is shipping free or additional upon delivery? Are you going to have 60 days, 90 days, or 180 days interest free if you spend a certain amount? What are the penalties on late payments when financing? It can make or break a deal, and can sometimes end up costing you far more, if you simply avoid reading and knowing what the terms are when purchasing furniture through an online catalogue site.
Before you decide to buy on finance through a catalogue for furniture items you might want to consider buying second hand. There are dozens of websites which list a massive range of used sofas, coffee tables, wardrobes, beds, and lots more!

Of course you can save and find great quality items; with this in mind, you have to be aware of what you are shopping for. Make sure you keep these things in mind when and if you plan on financing the purchase of new furniture for your home, and want to ensure you get the most out of the deals.

Mattel Play Town | A fun town for the little ones

It’s summer in UAE and the sun can crash your head when you hit outdoor. Our two frisky boys are raring for some outdoor play but, it’s not just possible on a scorching weather. I heard of this new indoor playground at city walk and decided to bring them their instead. They were excited when they found about it, and then they were jumping for joy, the moment we stepped into the Mattel Playtown.

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Mattel Playtown has 5 different attractions. The kids started out with Thomas and friends soft play. And that is because they are a big fan of this famous tank engine. This area is safe for toddlers, it’s multilevel play area that leads to a giant slide. Its baby proofed so you don’t have to worry about bumps and trips. But, little ones under 4 years old might be too small for the giant slide. There was also the Thomas and Friends 4d theater. Our family really had a good time watching Thomas. It was fantastic, my husband and I enjoyed the chugs and tilting, the splash and the bubbles. Our youngest went in again for the second time.

Bob the Builder is where the kids enjoyed it most. The boys enjoyed transporting bricks by a conveyor, then, either they pile it up or drop it down through a tube. They got to experience how it is to be a young builder.

Fireman Sam has activity for both the toddlers and grown up kids. There’s the soft play area for the little ones and some sort of an obstacle course for the grownups. So don’t worry if you have kids with big age gap. Both of them will enjoy.

I had a glance at the Angelina Ballerina, but my boys didn’t bother entering the area, it was like they’re banned on that place everytime I invite them to visit the area. “it’s only for girls mommy”, that’s their consistent answer.

 photo IMG_6601_zpsbdfum1ht.jpg

The Barney playground was impressive. It appeared to be the spitting image of the playground seen on TV. We were able to catch the jamming at Barney’s house, and then the kids had fun at the playground. At around 5:00 PM, there was a short presentation celebrating Eid, right after that, was the Barney Show which is fun and entertaining. The boys were able to meet the purple dinosaur up close.

 photo IMG_6602_zpsafdb9rk2.jpg

It’s a fun place to be with. The only downside is that, the meet and greet with Barney was disorganized.

Mattel Play Town is located at City Walk, Al Safa, Dubai. Entrance cost 95.00 AED for kids and 55.00 AED for adults.

Iftar Buffet at Chef’s House

I was tagged along by my husband to an Iftar with his colleagues at Chef’s House, Radisson Blu Media City. I am not fasting but with the hype of Iftar Buffet in the city, made me want to indulge my appetite.

It was Arabic themed on a Tuesday, and I was a bit thrilled as I was about to take in foods that’s definitely new to my taste. Although it’s not my first time on an Arabic themed Iftar, I was still not sure if that was the right place to indulge.

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We were at the restaurant before the buffet opens. The buffet has various selection but it was not huge at all. The chicken salad looks appealing to me, so I started my meal with few of it and tasted good. And then the main course. I had atleast 3 dish, and among’st the three, the fish tagine stood out. I keep going back for more. The pasta was also good but it was spicy. They also have grilling station, from which they grilled tasty chicken. The ouzi was not really a big hit for me.

And then came my favorite part, the dessert. The date cake was delish! It was my first time tasting it, and its really good. Umm Ali was just fine, and I was a bit disappointed with the eggless chocolate cake. There was also this dessert called Jilebe, and since the name sounds familiar (sounds like the famous burger chain back home), out of curiosity I tasted, but it was not for my taste bud. They also have fresh fruits slices.

 photo 3D559078-B7E9-40EC-82FB-0BC4993D5F47_zpsqycomy7c.jpg

The place is not ideal for big groups, the ambiance was fair and service was good, although it was a busy night, they were able to attend to our needs. It was a good Iftar experience for someone exploring new dishes. I was satisfied and I want to come back for their Asian & Sushi Themed Buffet.

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Chef’s House Iftar Buffet costs AED 124, they are located in Ground Level, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City, West Tower, Dubai Media City, open from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM (Sun-Sat).