Mattel Play Town | A fun town for the little ones

It’s summer in UAE and the sun can crash your head when you hit outdoor. Our two frisky boys are raring for some outdoor play but, it’s not just possible on a scorching weather. I heard of this new indoor playground at city walk and decided to bring them their instead. They were excited when they found about it, and then they were jumping for joy, the moment we stepped into the Mattel Playtown.

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Mattel Playtown has 5 different attractions. The kids started out with Thomas and friends soft play. And that is because they are a big fan of this famous tank engine. This area is safe for toddlers, it’s multilevel play area that leads to a giant slide. Its baby proofed so you don’t have to worry about bumps and trips. But, little ones under 4 years old might be too small for the giant slide. There was also the Thomas and Friends 4d theater. Our family really had a good time watching Thomas. It was fantastic, my husband and I enjoyed the chugs and tilting, the splash and the bubbles. Our youngest went in again for the second time.

Bob the Builder is where the kids enjoyed it most. The boys enjoyed transporting bricks by a conveyor, then, either they pile it up or drop it down through a tube. They got to experience how it is to be a young builder.

Fireman Sam has activity for both the toddlers and grown up kids. There’s the soft play area for the little ones and some sort of an obstacle course for the grownups. So don’t worry if you have kids with big age gap. Both of them will enjoy.

I had a glance at the Angelina Ballerina, but my boys didn’t bother entering the area, it was like they’re banned on that place everytime I invite them to visit the area. “it’s only for girls mommy”, that’s their consistent answer.

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The Barney playground was impressive. It appeared to be the spitting image of the playground seen on TV. We were able to catch the jamming at Barney’s house, and then the kids had fun at the playground. At around 5:00 PM, there was a short presentation celebrating Eid, right after that, was the Barney Show which is fun and entertaining. The boys were able to meet the purple dinosaur up close.

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It’s a fun place to be with. The only downside is that, the meet and greet with Barney was disorganized.

Mattel Play Town is located at City Walk, Al Safa, Dubai. Entrance cost 95.00 AED for kids and 55.00 AED for adults.

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